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Berkeley City Council Summer 2012: the best and the worst

Posted By Lynn Yu On Aug 15, 2012 @ 10:15 am In The Specials | Comments Disabled

star wars cookies

The last irrelevant Star Wars photo of the summer

When the Clog chanced upon its first Berkeley City Council [1] meeting this summer, we were expecting it to be a bunch of boring white men talking about boring white men problems. What we weren’t expecting was a spectacle worth missing Taco Tuesdays [2] for.

The Clog would like to thank the characters of City Council and the public commentators for making this summer a memorable one, and for forcing us to sweat immeasurable amounts in that stuffy old room. Here’s our recap of the best and worst moments of Berkeley City Council, summer 2012:

Best: Sit-lie, the musical [3]

The single most contentious issues of the summer was sit-lie, an issue that is undoubtedly going to lead to more protests in the fall. During the July 10 meeting, dissenters broke out into a raucous musical number, preventing Mayor Tom Bates from furthering debate and resulting in a suspension of parliamentary procedure. Princess Worthington, council members Anderson and Arreguin all joined in, but musical-loving Professor Wozniak was nowhere to be found.

Next time let’s make it so that all nine participate. Perhaps flash mob it about the unanimously hated Safeway expansion project [4] a.k.a. the “monster” project … which could turn City Council members into “little monsters” … which would mean a Lady Gaga number. We second this motion.

Worst: Man dragged out kicking and screaming [5]

“I’mma take you down … I’mma sleep outside yo house…” Tywin Lannister Bates [6] was completely unfazed by such threats at the June 19 meeting, which only pushed the man making them to become increasingly rowdy and angry, eventually forcing the po-po to step in. Not just one, but five officers were required to subdue him. His dog got quite a few barks in before being dragged out as well. Physical removal is never fun to witness. Especially when it comes to your wisdom teeth. Or public commenters.

Best: The people (and dolphins) sway the BCC [5]

A group of concerned dolphin-loving, PG&E-hating Berkeley citizens made signs and commented at the June 19 meeting, asking the Berkeley City Council to vote against supporting the Diablo Canyon and San Onofre nuclear reactors. And you know what? After listening to a long lecture from Professor Wozniak [7], they duly ignored him and did just that. Power to the people, at its most peaceful. Now these meetings are pleasant.

Worst: The armored truck debacle [5]

Berkeley was on the verge [8] of becoming a totalitarian state ruled by urban warfare. But in the end, popular dissent over Berkeley’s potential acquisition of an armored truck led to Berkeley PD’s dropping of the deal. The Clog’s least favorite part of the whole debate? The constant references to “Adolf Bates”, “fascism!” and the Patriot Act. Or perhaps that was the most entertaining part … thinking about it … thinking about it …. Nope. Definitely didn’t appreciate mentions of totalitarianism ruining moments like the one below.

Best: Touching immigrant stories told over ICE [5]

When Berkeley City Council began its discussion over ICE and the detainment of undocumented immigrants, a number of public commenters took the podium and, with the help of a translator, recounted stories of the hardships they had to face in coming to this country. It was one of the few touching moments all summer that really shook everyone in the room to the core. Berkeley City Council meetings could definitely use more of those.

Worst: Teddy bear flung in outrage [1]

The June 12 meeting was where all the high tension and palpable anger over sit-lie first manifested itself. At one point in the night, a public commenter flung his teddy bear to the ground in outrage. That’s a no-no, good sir. It is never appropriate to fling teddy bears anywhere. Even if they’re voice by Seth McFarlane [9].

Best: Sling Shot Hip Hop declares sentience [1]

You know we just had to include this one. Sling Shot Hip Hop the bunny — our favorite city council character all summer. When he came in to declare his sentience, we were pleasantly surprised. And delighted. What it had to do with the West Berkeley Project, we’re not entirely sure. Then again, since when is anything ever relevant in city council? At least this time we’ve got a bunny to spice things up.

And with that, the Clog will end on a positive note. Got any favorite moments from this summer that you liked? Share below in the comments section. Or just play the Berkeley City Council drinking game [2] during the next meeting. Now that is always relevant.

Image source: betsyweber [10] under Creative Commons

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