So you learned the Time Warp dance and your classic Cal chants at CalSO, most of which you’ve forgotten at this point — solid. But there’s one thing you’re missing: The Daily Clog. Rather than shamelessly self-plug, we’ll provide you with a guide of a few useful things that they failed to mention to you at orientation. Find them useful, procreate and then thank us later.

For the political junkie: Berkeley City Council meetings are a riot

City Council — we know, it sounds like old white men talking about old white men’s problems, but you haven’t yet met the characters that comprise these Tuesday night meetings. Councilmembers routinely snap at each other during tense discussions, while members of the public include regulars such as the always delightful Ninja Kitty and the mysterious owner of Sling Shot Hip Hop the Bunny. Previous meetings have devolved into mayhem and have lasted well past midnight. So take a stroll down to 2134 Martin Luther King Jr. Way to see democracy at its finest.

For the researcher: It’s all about URAP

Cal is well known for being a research school, and the easiest way to get started is through URAP — the Undergraduate Research Apprentice Program. You can apply for a multitude of research opportunities in everything from the hard sciences to the humanities. The biggest plus is getting to really know professors, since you’ll be spending a ton of time with them. Believe us, that’s gonna be rare in a school this size, and although you tell yourself now that you’ll attend office hours, chances are you’d rather sleep in.

For the writer: Go for the gold

The UC Berkeley Financial Aid Office hosts the Prizes Program every year, a contest for everything from short fiction to poetry to original films. Competition prizes can range anywhere from $100 to $5,000. The best part is that no one knows about it … unless everyone decides to read this article all the way through, in which case everyone will know about it. There are usually less than 40 entries for each competition, and for a school that’s 35,000 strong, that’s essentially nothing. So get crackin’ and win yourself some money.

For the party girl: SHIP now covers sexual health services

For those of you on the school’s health insurance plan and who intend on getting some serious action in the next four years, the Tang Center now covers sexual health services. You can thank President Barack Obama for the free birth control.

For every student: Ink is expensive.

You’re gonna be doing a lot of printing, especially in those first-year humanities classes where they make you download everything off of bSpace and bring it to class. Ink runs out fast, and cartridges come at a high price. Which is why there’s something called the OCF — Open Computing Facility — currently located in the Hearst Gym that provides 250 pages of free printing per semester. Too much of hassle? Students at the Haas School of Business have unlimited free printing, so go out and make some friends. Excuse us, we meant “network.”

Image source: Merrimack College under Creative Commons


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