mountain lion

Spotted: Mama mountain lion and her babies roaming around the Berkeley hills and instilling fear in the staff of the Berkeley Lab.

This isn’t the first time this year — on July 19, a mountain lion and her cubs (perhaps the same one?) were spotted at the Greek Theater.

Not sure what to do if you see one? This site gives some handy dandy information; for example, if you are 50 yards away with its ears up and attentive to you:

-Hold small children; keep older children close to an adult

-Do not turn your back

-Look for sticks, rocks or other weapons and keep them at hand

-Watch the cat at all times.

-Probability of attack is slight for adults given proper response

-Probability of attack is serious for unaccompanied children

Lesson learned: when spotted by a mountain lion, don’t act like a child — grow up. Fast.

Image source: Lil Rose under Creative Commons


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