Before braving the flyers and sign up sheets, keep these six tips in mind.

1. Think outside of your past: Yes, maybe you were in the Red Cross club in high school or were never in any student organizations (doubtful, since you got in to Cal), but college is the chance to push your boundaries. Why not write for a psychology journal or join an LGBT club regardless of your major or your sexuality? Take a moment to give those inklings you’ve always had in your gut a chance.
2. You can’t do everything: That being said, you will sign up for 100 more listservs than you could ever keep track of. Take a moment to think about how much time you can really commit. It’s hard, you want to do everything, but after your initial taste test of student orgs, do some curating. This is the time to learn how much you can handle, and believe us, you will. Never be afraid to switch gears mid-semester or mid-college career.

3. Have a plan: It is all too easy to dive into the sea of students without an idea of where you’re going and what you are interested in. Allow the opportunity to stumble upon a gem, but also go through the tables in a methodical order. Otherwise you may get lost or overwhelmed. That will probably happen anyway, but getting a map may help all the same.

4. Ask questions: Sometimes you may get stuck at a table just because you wanted a free pen, other times you may just not know how to approach people. If you are even a little bit interested in something, make sure to ask questions. If it doesn’t seem like your thing, don’t be afraid to walk away – but get the scoop before you do. The people at each table are students just like you – and they’ve been on the other side of the table too.

5. Network Make Friends: You may meet plenty of people who may not actually care about your name or your major. Remember them. This is a great chance to get yourself out there and get involved or ahead in an organization – and make new friends of course.

6. Have a split personality: For those of you manning the booths, we know it’s hard. We don’t like taking flyers as much as the next person, so we know it’s no fun when you’re the one giving them out. Remember that you probably care about what you’re doing, and create an alter ego. There’s regular you and flyer-er you – this division will save you from being a hypocrite.

Image source: Fiona Hannigan, Daily Cal

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