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The age-old controversy of Northside vs Southside dates back further than Biggie and Tupac’s Eastside Westside battle. While each side has its pro’s and con’s, which side reins supreme solely depends on your personal likes, dislikes and interests. Take this quiz to decide which side would suit you best.

1. Based on your major, where are the majority of your classes?
a) Closer to Dwinelle
b) Class? I never go to class
c) Closer to Tollman
d) I’m a science major … I webcast all my classes

2. How often do you leave the Berkeley area?
a) Often
b) Sometimes
c) Rarely
d) Leave the Berkeley bubble? Never!



3. What would you rather do on a Saturday night?
a) Get shwasty on some jungle juice at a frat
b) Waste time until late night finally opens
c) Catch up on some reading
d) Stay in for an ice-cream and movie night

4. What are your coffee preferences?
a) Coffee Bean
b) Strada
c) Philz Coffee
d) Starbucks

5. Which is your favorite ghetto?
a) Asian
b) Top Dog/La Burrita Mini Ghetto
c) Gourmet
d) None

6. What restaurants do you frequent?
a) Fillippos
b) Gordo’s
c) Cheeseboard
d) Crepevine

If you chose mostly a’s and b’s, you are destined to be a Southside Resident! You enjoy nightlife and don’t mind living near fraternities or in a louder neighborhood. You frequently leave Berkeley, and living on Southside offers a more extensive and frequent bus schedule than Northside.

If you chose mostly c’s and d’s, you belong on Northside! You prefer a quieter, more residential neighborhood. And lucky you – if you have taste buds – Cheeseboard and Crepevine are a much shorter walking distance than Southside.

Image source: arvindgrover and neil conway under Creative Commons

Rachel said:
Aug 28, 2012 at 4:07 pm

So I can be Southside or Southside. Hm…