Frat row is bustling with eager rushes, freshmen are still frequenting Crossroads, (yet to realize how bad the food is), and Berkeley’s air is perfumed with that new book smell. School is back in session, folks.  But while you were recovering from summer-hangover, Andy Kim and friends were dancing it up, in his recently released video “UC Berkeley Style.”

Instead of fiddling with themselves or doing a Haashole internship like most Berkeleyans, Media Studies Senior Andy Kim and friends from KPG (Korean Performance Group) and KUNA (Korean Undergraduate Networking Association) created this parody of the korazy viral Korean masterpiece “Gangnam Style” by Psy, once summer sessions were over.

Anyone who has seen Psy’s “Gangnam Style” video knows it gives an original (and disputed) angle on Asians. Kim “thought that the video would be a great welcoming gift” for incoming Asian and Korean American students, and in two weeks time, whipped up “UC Berkeley Style”. The video features a montage of  KPG and KUNA members dancing on and off campus: Campanile, Asian Ghetto, Sather Gate, etc, in addition to a gratuitous cartoonized Oski.

what could the caption possibly say about this image?

What could the caption possibly say about this image?

But local reception has varied. Senior Chris Dahringer feels “As an Asian American, I feel about this video, how white people feel about ‘Honey Boo Boo’ and African Americans feel about ‘Flavor of Love’” – objectified. On the other hand, some reactions have gone well: as Kim intended, “people can laugh and feel happy after watching it.”

Whoever’s talking, “UC Berkeley,” inarguably made made Cal proud by showing the world we are more than crazy dancing hippies but we are also comprised of crazy dancing Asians too.

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