Some people swear by the power nap, others simply call it a myth. The power nap is traditionally thought of as an afternoon nap that lasts somewhere between fifteen and thirty minutes. When done right, Power napping has numerous benefits. A power nap relieves stress and allows you to re-energize. You’ll also be more productive and alert when you return to work. According to Web MD (Dr. Web is a real doctor right?) there are few main keys to power napping.

“Be regular”
While a power nap alone will help, napping daily is even better. It can strengthen the benefits and can become a relaxing part of your daily routine.

“Make it quick”
Anything longer than thirty minutes will defeat the point of power napping. If you nap for longer than thirty minutes, you’ll most likely feel groggy afterwards and won’t want to work. Be sure to set an alarm for less than thirty minutes; twenty minutes is considered a sweet spot.

“Go dark”
Part of taking a nap is setting the mood. Relax. Turn off the lights, close your blinds and turn off the monitor. It’s nap time.

“Stay warm”
Nothing is worse than trying to sleep with cold toes. Grab a blanket and get comfy! You want this sleep to be good.

Power napping is like playing with fire, if done right, you’ll wake up full of energy and ready to work. If done wrong you’ll wake up six hours later feeling groggy and not ready for your 8 a.m. midterm. But if you follow these steps and limit your nap to thirty minutes or less you’ll be golden and good to go.

The Secret (and Surprising) Power of Naps [Web MD]

Imager source: sonictk under Creative Commons

Suyan said:
Sep 27, 2012 at 1:47 pm

Hang on. This article is basically plagiarism, it’s verbatim what a lot of the stuff the article you linked to says.

Tara said:
Sep 27, 2012 at 4:35 pm

HANG ON. Hang on.