Now that most of us have smart phones and mp3 players, we’ve been able keep a steady stream of sensory input. Whether it’s standing in line or waiting for a practice room in Morrisson Hall, we have access to a virtually infinite amount of entertainment at any time. We can finally avoid the awkwardness of twiddling our thumbs and staring at nothing. But that raises the question: is there any value in having nothing to keep us busy but our own thoughts? read more »

Sometimes trying to keep organized at Berkeley makes us feel the way we do when we’re holding our Tully’s and sense a sneeze coming on – helpless! Hopefully these useful apps for the iPhone – all of which are free – will help put a lid on that life of yours. (To download, open iTunes and click on the iTunes Store tab, then search by app name.)

NextBus – Tells you the next arriving buses according to your location using GPS technology and includes all AC Transit buses, but also the Lawrence Lab and other loop buses too.

ASUC – An assortment of great campus-related tools for students from the ASUC. We especially love the real-time monitors that display how full places like RSF and the campus libraries are.

UCBearWALK – Request a Bearwalk escort from your phone, or track North/South Night Safety Shuttles in real time.

UC Berkeley Mobile – Created by the university itself, this app features helpful, general course information and library tools for current students. It’s also especially handy for incoming students (or even visiting family) with features like interactive maps, tour information and upcoming events.

Now that you’re stocked up on Berkeley-grade productivity tools read more »

computerWe’ve all been there: pulling an all-nighter in an energy-drink-fueled haze of stress and sleep-deprivation trying to pump out that paper due in 5 hours. On those nights, eye-strain is the last thing you need to compound the situation. And because most of us have one or two roommates – and perhaps not the convenience of another place to work – we have to work with the lights off. The thing is, staring at a well-lit screen in a dark room is the exact thing that causes eye-strain. But not only that: a study done by the National Sleep Foundation has found that the use of bright, interactive technologies like the computer may disrupt the sleep-onset process.

The application f.lux is designed to alleviate those problems. read more »

ImpossibleAs Cal students, we’ve all had to eat at the Dining Commons at one time or another. Even if we’re too “cool” to admit it, the warm — or perhaps cold, on purpose, but probably not — food has graced our bellies on a routine basis. This pattern usually ends after freshman year, but there are exceptions. Some sophomores or upperclassman have the distinct pleasure of living in the dorms for extra years. Whether you like it or not, that also usually comes synonymously with a meal plan. Out of habit and convenience, you might find that you’ll come wandering back to Crossroads — seemingly the most edible of all the dining commons — for a nice cooked meal.  As a seasoned returner, you may notice things that you would not as a freshman. You may notice how everyone has their own strategic method of acquiring and carrying their food back to their table. It’s not something we think about that often or even plan extensively, but we all do it! Through what turned into a Crossroads case study of sorts (double alliteration!), we found that these food-gathering habits fell into 3 broad categories, all with their own advantages and disadvantages: read more »

rhinocerosLet’s face it: seeing a world-class performance of anthropomorphized rhinoceroses is on all of our bucket lists. With the legendary Theatre de la Ville coming to Zellerbach Hall on their first tour of the United States, now is our chance to cross it off! The Parisian theater company will be playing “Rhinoceros” by the famous playwright Eugene Ionesco, in a production that has been praised as “a masterpiece” by the major French newspaper “Le Monde.” It would be a shame to miss the opportunity to smugly tell our friends that we saw a one-of-a-kind performance targeted directly at our sophisticated taste when they ask us about our weekend.

All joking aside, this is a performance that any fan of theater cannot miss. As a classic of the theater of the absurd, its protagonist – an often drunk everyman character – witnesses everyone in his town turn into rhinoceroses until he is the only human left. Sounds pretty absurd, right? This allegorical premise deals with the consequences of the rise of fascism in pre-WWII Romania, where Ionesco spent a large portion of his life.

read more »


As the USC away game rapidly approaches, hundreds of Cal students ready themselves for the long-standing California tradition of winnebago-ing to SoCal.

For those of you who don’t know what “bago-ing” is, let us fill you in. It’s basically like a family road trip on an RV. But, instead of your family, it’s a bunch of fraternity guys, and instead of your responsible Dad driving you, its a nervous freshman pledge holding your life in their hands. Rather than the fruit and fresh baked chocolate chip cookies your mom would normally pack, your bago is stocked with Hot Cheetos, Sour Patch Kids and Red Vines. And instead of stopping at famous sights along the way, you look forward to your one stop at the world famous Kettleman City In-n-Out. Get the picture? Yeah, it’s half crazy, half awesome.

As we prepare to leave the land of “hella” and composting, and enter a world of 24-Hour Fitnesses and bleached blonde hair, we must take this time to re-hash proper etiquette and important tips and tricks for surviving the bago. read more »

So you’re spending some quality in the bathroom, on the porcelain. You whip out your smart phone and respond to some texts, check your Facebook and maybe shoot off a couple tweets. It’s a good use of time, we at the Clog certainly don’t expect you to sit there and ponder life as people have done for thousands of years. This is the 21st century, put that smart phone to use.

However if you’re in a public bathroom there are a couple dos and don’ts.

Do: read more »


The U.S. News & World Report once again solidified Berkeley’s ranking as the number one public school in the nation. Sure, they might base their rankings on an algorithm that takes into account financial resources, graduation rates, alumni donations, student selectivity, and undergraduate academic reputation but I think we all know the real reasons why Cal remains atop the list year after year…

1. We’re the OG’s — aka “Original Gangsters.” As in, we are the FIRST University of California. Yeah UCLA might be creeping up the list at a close second, but they are our offspring, our little brother. We will continue to give them wedgies and noogies to keep them in second place.

2. We cheer louder for our band at football games than our actual football team, solidifying our true inner nerds.

3. We all have taken a great disliking to Bob Dylan upon hearing that his concert is the reason for our cancelled bonfire. If that’s not school spirit, I don’t know what is.

4. We have a food court that is only known as the “Asian Ghetto.” Enough said.

5. We bring tents and toothbrushes to the library during dead week as to not waste any study time walking home, or sleeping in a bed, or seeing sunlight…

6. We have more Mexican Restaurants on one block of Telegraph than the entire state of Maine.

7. We have the best dressed mascot in the state. Nice cardigan, Oski.

8. After 89 years, our stadium is now earthquake safe!

9. We’re within walking distance of Cheeseboard — brain food!

10. We want to save the planet; we hella like to compost

This algorithm that takes into account school spirit, nerdiness, awesomeness and love of Mexican food proves to be the real reason why the University of California, Berkeley will continue to be known as the greatest public university in America… Go Bears!

Photo credit tedknudsen under Creative Commons

Robert Reich
Robert Reich

Don’t miss out! Robert Reich and former president of Chile Ricardo Lagos will be speaking at Boalt Law School’s Booth Auditorium tomorrow at 12:30pm. The event, held by the Center for Latin American Studies, is called “Inequality: A Dialogue for the Americas.”

Ricardo Lagos
Ricardo Lagos

Robert Reich is a Professor of Public Policy at UC Berkeley and former Secretary of Labor during the Clinton administration. Lagos served as president of Chile from 2000-2006 and in 2006 was awarded the Berkeley Medal by Chancellor Birgeneau — a title regarded as Berkeley’s highest honor … Ya, we know, they both sound pretty legitimate!

So, for all you students who have tried for numerous years to get into Reich’s Wealth and Poverty course — but of course, have been denied by the wait list — this is a great alternative to see him in action!


Cal’s 50-31 victory over Southern Utah this weekend didn’t just signify our first win, it also delivered us discounts all over the city of Berkeley, thanks to Touchdown Mondays! The celebration calls for 3% off for every touchdown Cal scores against their opponent — totaling 21% for this Monday.

But, while you might be familiar with Touchdown Mondays affiliation with the Cal Student Store, you may not know about the plethora of restaurants around the city that also take part in the awesome discounting. So because your wallets are surely already thinning from beer and Top Dog on game day, here’s a list all participants for your future Monday penny pinching — assuming that Cal keeps the touchdowns coming.

Southside: 6974720323_42fa33b22d_b


*Manhattan Roast & Grill


*Ann’s Kitchen

*Cal Student Store


*Bear’s Lair Pub/Wing Fiesta


*LaVal’s Pizza

*Stuffed Inn

Image source: Sean Davis and wallyg under Creative Commons

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