Don't Forget About AndroidWe all love our overpriced “i” products, but let’s make sure Apple’s little brother Android isn’t left out. When you’re not trying to simulate the droid sound with your voice and trying to rule the world with your phone like they do in the commercials, you might recall that it’s a phone. With apps. A rather smart cookie, your Droid has plenty to offer you besides a completely customizable home screen interface – take that, iPhone – but that’s off topic. Presenting the best and least expensive stuff in the Play Store for Cal students:

BearWalk – The one to rule them all. You don’t want to get caught without this in the wee hours of the morning when the rustling of the leaves can make you jump. It has the number you can call to ask for a ride, the online pick-up request service, and an easy-to-use map for the safety shuttles. Now you can study late at the library, or stay over at a friend’s, all without having to worry about getting back to your own bed.

CalMeals – If you’re like me and you like to eat, this should be downloading on your phone already. It gives you menus for Café 3, Crossroads, Clark Kerr, and Foothill, but be warned for these menus may not always be accurate! Even then, you can still use it to find out the everyday items, and it has a handy link at the bottom where you can check your meal point balance.

Berkeley University – If you feel lost after some of your classes, no worries! This handy app gives you quick links to webcast lectures for many classes. It’s not only Berkeley lectures – it also has stuff from MIT, Khan Academy, and TEDtalks. Oh, and it also has media from Stanford in case you need something to laugh at.

MindJet – This isn’t a Berkeley exclusive thing, but it’s a heck of a productivity tool. Sure, the learning curve takes some time to adjust to, but you can put down your thoughts into your phone via webs of interlinking sentiments and spiraling connections between ideas. It’s an innovative way to take notes for class if you don’t carry around a laptop, and fun to play around with otherwise.

Tip N Split – Don’t you hate when you get a long receipt full of numbers at a restaurant, and you and your friends stare at each other trying to apply your Math 54 knowledge to it? This has a simple UI and a four function calculator that factors in the bill, tip, and tax all in one!

YCard – As students and potential employees to most companies, you all will have plenty of business cards thrown at you by intimidating looking people wearing business formal attire. It’s easy enough to lose that small, flimsy card – or worse, have it go into the washing machine and come out as a crumpled, unreadable mess. This scans those cards and stores them in your phone, no matter which language those cards are in.

While Apple is busy counting the billions of nickels it was paid by Samsung, us Droid users have the opportunity to be productive members of society. Arming your smart phone with these college-student-cost-friendly toys can help you do just that.

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Image source: David Friedel under Creative Commons

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