When the need for romance burns through the cloak of night and into the great outdoors, it may not be a bad idea to remove yourself from society by going up to the Berkeley fire trails.

Imagine, you are at the beginning of the trail off of Centennial Drive and you need loving. But where? The winding path has no few visible off shoots, and the few thin quick and slope. People on the facing hills probably can see you. All the trees around you do not provide enough cover for woopie. Maybe it’s because some are Eucalyptus trees which throw down oily leaves like someone with four aces, preventing many other types of vegetation from growing. Maybe you’re not in deep enough. At the tail end of the trail you see homes with giant windows meant for views of the bay, minus two (insert your major here) students ploughing.

Love, What else is nature good for?

Love, What else is nature good for?

For love to happen you must go on. At the bottom of the path you tilt your head and see a long, tan, scarred creature called The Connector. The Connector is the only incredibly steep trail on the fire. From the bottom it looks like it never ends but it does after a hauling two minute foot climb, which will really take your mind off of midterms. Plus the sweat and the panting will only make the loving sexy.

Now that you are higher up you see endless views of the bay. The trees grow down the hillside rather than in a gulch so the woods seem thick and luxuriant. There’s much, much more to the fire trail than what you have arrived at, but thick on the wind is the scent of bay leaves. Foot it feetly up hill or down. It’s time for sweet loving.

Image source: Ianan under Creative Commons


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