With the presidential election coming up in November, people are already getting ready to cast their votes toward their favored presidential candidate. Be it Barack Obama or Mitt Romney, time will tell who voters will decide to take the reins of our country for the next four years. However, in the world of the “Ultimate Universe” of Marvel comics, that decision has already been made. That’s right folks; the new commander-in-chief is none other than the star-spangled man himself, Steve Rogers aka Captain America. And contrary to how we often do things on the Clog, no, we’re not joking.

The announcement was made by Marvel on their website in an interview with Sam Humphries, the current writer behind the alternate universe Avengers series titled “The Ultimates.” With a butt load of crisis plaguing that universe’s fictionalized version of our country like a terrorist attack by the leader of the Fantastic Four, an extremist militia leader threatening the country with an army of robots and the United States slowly separating into various independent countries, a new leader had to step forward. So Cap decided to answer the call.

This may come as a bit of a weird surprise to everybody since it’s not every day that you hear about a superhero taking office as the president of the United States in a comic book storyline. But with the election just right around the corner, Marvel sure chose a perfect time to debut this story arc.

Captain America is definitely a logical fit when it comes to choosing a super hero president. After all, the character is a born leader that embodies the principles and meaning of America. Also, he is the leader of a team of people with crazy super powers that constantly defeats legions of super villains. What more do you need?

But the Clog decided to ask the students of Cal what super hero they’d pick to be president if not Captain America. After all, we thought it would be interesting to see what kind of reactions we’d get – and we got some interesting ones.


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