We’ve all heard about roll-over minutes … those cellphone minutes you don’t use one month that are added to your next month’s minutes. But in the age of unlimited minutes, roll-over probably is becoming obsolete. Instead, we’d like to take a look at two other applications where roll-over would be awesome. Caveat lector: Neither of these ideas is realistic, and one is flat-out impossible. But we can dream, can’t we?

Roll-over grades:

At Cal, an A and an A+ both constitute a 4.0, but slip into the dark nether region known as the A-, and you’ll be weeping at a 3.77. But, you argue, shouldn’t my A+ mean something more? I mean, why would anyone work for an A+ just to get the same result as an A? This solution is designed for you. We propose that you be able to reduce a few points off of that A+ and add it to that A-. After all, the number of points in the universe (or at least on your transcript) is the same. We’ve just redistributed the points. Think of it as socialism for grades. (For the record, we didn’t say that.) And since we’re not breaking any fundamental rules of physics, this solution is our theoretically possible — but still highly unrealistic — idea. Of course, some of you ASUC senators and others who represent the interests of the student body, feel free to take this idea and run with it. We don’t even ask for recognition!

Roll-over temperature:

There’s a reason we’re in the Bay Area and not on the equator or in Antarctica. That’s because the weather here is supposed to be perfect. That’s the expectation. But lately, the Bay Area has been disappointing in this respect. Sometimes it gets too hot, and other times it’s too cold. So in our perfect utopia, citizens would have the power to vote on the day’s temperature. The difference between this temperature and the actual weather would then be deposited into a temperature depository. So when it’s 90 degrees outside, we can take 20 away and save them for the 50-degree days. Now, this (if you haven’t already figured it out) is quite unfortunately impossible. We’re not sure how to move forward from that.


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