Dropbox, the fantastic online storage service, is currently having a “Space Race” competition to see which university can get the most students on Dropbox. Dropbox is giving away free space for your Dropbox account (up to an extra 25 GB) that is good for two years. The points system is based on how many students from your university join and how many referrals they give out (Shout out to Orien W. for being the current referral leader for Cal!). Currently, all Cal students who join get an extra 15 GB. Cal is right in the running to win this thing, currently placing at sixth place (Those Stanfurders are in 20th, pshhh). To win, we need your help! The benefits are numerous, and it’s all for glory! All you have to do is go to this link confirm your account with your email or sign up. The more students who join, the more points and space we will earn. Only 7,613 Cal students are signed up so far. We have more than 25,000 undergraduate students, so the current number is unacceptable. Currently, the leader is The National University of Singapore, and one spot ahead of us MIT. We have lots of work to do to catch up, so spread the word! Sound the Cal band! March on Sproul! The greatest public university on Earth can’t lose!

Image source: DUCKofD3ATH under Creative Commons


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