For those of you who have taken the trek down to the RSF before, you might be wondering whether there are any swimming pools amidst the myriad of basketball courts and cardio machines. Not only is there a pretty big pool to gawk at, but the people using it are quite impressive themselves. With the recent successful recruitment of megastar Missy Franklin toHow Missy Franklin Affects You Berkeley, our Olympic-sized pool now serves someone who’s already been in and out of a lot of them.

This – obviously – makes our swim team indisputably better, but how does it change the way you live your life?

For all you ladies who inconspicuously stared at Nathan Adrian flipping his hair for the last few years, your time is up. Now it’s the guys’ turn – you can marvel at Franklin…’s five Olympic medals. The girl is a year younger than the current freshman class, and she’s already a bigger global icon than some of us could ever hope to be. She’s bringing just four gold pieces to the university… just four! That is, if you’re ignoring the single bronze and the seven other medals that have been put around her neck at the World Championships.

Great minds think alike. This was probably why many of you chose to come to this great institution, and it’s why Missy made the decision as well. She’s going to get to hang around Teri McKeever, the coach who has been with Cal for 20 years and just helped the United States’ women’s swim team take home more medals than any other US team. Having a former teammate to show her the ropes is an added bonus; fellow Olympic swimmer and medalist Rachel Bootsma likely had something to do with Missy’s choice. So if you ever want to feel like you’re in the presence of a champion, be sure to take a stroll poolside when the three of them are in the vicinity – their combined aura could probably help your swimming prowess too. Or just take a dive into that now-Holy Water – after they get out, of course.

Oh, and when you’re as good as Missy is, you don’t even need to waste four years of your life swimming for the NCAA. If you want a chance to swim next to her, say hi to her, or even bask in her greatness, you only have two years before she plans to turn pro. You can probably still see her after that, but that comes with the guilty feeling of not doing anything with your life while she’s out breaking records for a living.

Image source: nrcphotos under Creative Commons


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