For all you Android users lusting for the ability to send texts from your computer, the Mighty Text Android app and web app are a fantastic solution. You no longer have to lust for an iMessage like situation. Sure you could set up Google Voice, but it’s a hassle. You either have to get a new number or port your number to Google. Mighty Text only takes seconds to set up and it changes your life.

And unlike other similar apps, Mighty Text lets you continue using your favorite SMS app, their app just runs in the background. Just install the Mighty Text app on your phone and forget about it. It’s only there to be the middle man between your phone and the web app. After you install the app on your phone. Go to the web app. Mighty Text will ask for permission for access to the Gmail account you use for your phone and then your done. That’s it. The app will sync your messages and contacts to the web interface and you can instantly start texting from your computer. Texting discreetly in class has never been easier. Your prof or GSI will just think you’re taking notes because your phone will stay right in your pocket. Plus texting with a full keyboard is a way more pleasant than typing on a small screen. And if you’re lazy and your phone is in your bag or across the room you won’t have to move to respond to a text. Additionally if you install the extension for Chrome or Firefox you’ll get notifications on your desktop so you never miss a text. Mighty Text is a first world solution to a first world problem.

Image source: Amberbectar 13 under Creative Commons


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