It’s that time of year again. The time of year when malls and radio start prematurely playing Christmas music before we can even put our Halloween costumes away. We at the Clog think this is downright disrespectful to a great American holiday, Thanksgiving.

Turkey day is still to be had. Don’t get us wrong, we at the Clog love Christmas as much as the next blog. But we can’t forget there is still a feast to be had followed by pie and painful food comas. Christmas music before Thanksgiving is a cheap money grab by corporate America and a dishonor  to the great feast that is yet to come. Christmas music, while fun, gets old fast. If you hear Maria Carey’s “All I Want For Christmas Is You” enough times you’re bound to go insane. The good news is that now there is something you can do about this problem. If you see anyone or any company getting into the Christmas spirit pre-Thanksgiving, send them to The site does the world a public service by bluntly reminding the world that, no, it’s not Christmas yet. Help spread the word, it’s not Christmas.

Image source: Daniel Radding, The Daily Californian


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