Elections are over, so there’s no new campaigning to throw at you… for now. But being in Berkeley, there’s always going to be another issue or movement to be aware of. Whether it’s CALPIRG or another independent student group, you can’t enter Sproul without exiting at least somewhat better informed about their cause. It would take real skillz (yes, with a z) to graduate without a general understanding of local happenings, and to some degree of national and global ones as well.

Don’t get us wrong, we’re not saying this is a bad thing. You should by all means stay as informed as possible. What we are saying is if for some reason you wanted to live in your own little bubble, this was the wrong place to come to school. There’s simply no excuse for obliviousness. Look at how much effort people put into advertising simple things like club events. They have posters all over campus, flyers, chalking, emails, Facebook, you name it. Take something on a larger scale like Prop 30 and state budget cuts and it goes even further, with all sorts of students and groups advocating their positions and making announcements. Everyone’s eager to inform everyone else and get them participating. If blissful ignorance was your thing, it sure isn’t anymore. Berkeley will force you into being in the know, thereby making you a willful rejectionist if you persist in a lack of interest.

Prop 30 Signs

With signs like this, you'll at least know there's some proposition about taxes and education, whether you want to or not.

This atmosphere can definitely be a good thing. Horrible as it might sound, for those not willing to go out and actively seek information it still provides a constant source of information. They can stay in the loop with minimal effort. For people already in the loop, they can bring others up to speed and don’t have to look far for new sources of information.

Feeling alone? Uninformed? Misguided? Walk through Sproul. You’ll feel smarter about at least one issue, we guarantee it.

Image source: quinn.anya under Creative Commons

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Dec 7, 2012 at 12:02 pm

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