The Underhill Parking & Field Garage located between Channing and Haste is one of the best places for student commuters to park their cars. Its abundance of parking spots and close proximity to campus definitely makes it an extremely convenient garage to go to. In some ways, the place is a godsend and we can even say it’s perfect. Well, was perfect . . . until its darn elevators broke.

Now don’t get us wrong, us commuters at the Clog know that the stairs are just as applicable of a way to getting up to the ground level of Berkeley (We aren’t that lazy!) But it’s just the garage’s elevators have been out of order since the very beginning of October. So we have to admit, we’re kind of annoyed at how long it has been taking to fix them. However, it seems like we aren’t the only ones who share this sentiment.


Above is a photograph of a response to the temporary inconvenience written on one of the many “Out of Service” signs scattered all around the garage. It definitely reinforces the two major points that griped us about this dilemma with the latter of “Gosh golly, those stairs are quite smelly indeed!” being the most prominent to us in particular.

We suppose time will tell when the Underhill Parking & Field garage will finally get its lovely elevators back. For it’s only then will it be restored to its former glory. But until that happens, we’ll just have to settle on taking those stairs.

Image sources: Matt Espineli, Daily Cal


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