Savor every last bite of Thanksgiving. Taste the turkey. This is your last meal. Finals are coming, impending doom is near. Sip on your sparkling cider. Torturous dead week is coming. You will not sleep, you’ll barely eat. Enjoy the stuffing while you can. The meal points and cash will have dried up, ramen will be your only option. You’ll be left to fight for a seat in Moffitt, madness awaits. Relish the mashed potatoes. Nothing but sleepless nights are in store, 40% of your grade is going to be determined over the course of three hours. Might as well have another scoop of yams and marshmellows. Mentally prepare for the onslaught, a momentary slip could cost you an A or worse, your C. Let the apple pie crumble in your mouth, relish the cool relief of the vanilla ice cream. Frantically review your illegible notes. Coffee by the fire. Reread, Review, Practice. Do the all of the readings because you never did them. More coffee. More Coffee. Starbucks. Peets. Red Bull. Monster. NOS. 5 Hour Energy. 6 Hour Power. Stay awake! Food Coma. Stay awake! Finals are coming. Enjoy this Thanksgiving. It could be your last. Happy Thanksgiving from all of us here at the Clog!

Image source: Another Pint Please… under Creative Commons

a9315474 said:
Nov 21, 2012 at 9:42 pm

I’ve said that least 9315474 times. SKC was here…