So what do you do for a 4-hour flight going halfway across the country? Some flights offer Wi-Fi, the panacea for boredom, but if you’re like us, you don’t want to pay $5 because you simply cannot admit you’re that addicted to Wi-Fi. So we’ll offer some of the things we do…feel free to chime in on the comments:

A very nice picture of an airplane.

A very nice picture of an airplane.

  • Blogging (apparently the altitude or something is great for blogging)
  • Reading (no pesky texts, emails, social networks to distract you)
  • Movies
  • Podcasts (Personal favorite: Intelligence Squared from NPR)
    • Talk to the people around you…we haven’t tried this very often
    • Sleep…although, some of us just can’t sleep on flights
    • Eat all the peanuts!
    • Catch up on email (they won’t get sent, but you can’t use more incoming email as an excuse for not responding to things you already should have)
    • Skymall?

    Image source: Kuster and Wildhaber Photography under Creative Commons

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