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Villains we love to hate

Posted By Kamin Kahrizi On Dec 5, 2012 @ 11:20 am In Sandbox | Comments Disabled

As it gets closer and closer to the dreaded finals week, as essay after essay pile up,  and with the incessantly overcast weather, we thought there are probably a lot of negative feelings floating around. And you know, the best way of getting rid of negative feelings is to actually feel them. As you look at these here villains, let it all out. Yes, good. Let the hate flow through you. [1]

Xenomorph from Aliens

GAH! That ghastly face and that grotesque body evoke some innate sense of disgust and repulsion in all of us. We hate to be prejudiced, but the Xenomorph is so ugly that racism is almost okay. Somewhere, in some Tibetan mountain, there is a monk that is so enlightened that he can accept the Xenomorph as a beautiful creature produced by millenniums of  painstaking evolution. For everyone else, it’s just a creepy alien.

Mr.Henry F. Potter [2] from It’s a Wonderful Life

You don’t hate people just for being rich, you just get jealous of them. But Mr.Potter isn’t just a rich person. He’s greedy. He’s selfish. He’s dishonest. And worst of all, he’s got a horrific set of old man eyebrows. He makes a terrific villain because he’s such a caricature of a scrooge.


File:Wasp.jpgThe genus Polistes [3] is like a billion clones of Sauron who all have The One Ring.These guys don’t smile. They don’t have fun in parties or take bubblebaths. They live to tear people new ones. Don’t look at them in the eyes, don’t try to be friendly or laugh awkwardly as they get all in your business. Run, just run. Change your name and move to a different country.

Frank from Donnie Darko

Bunny rabbits are cute, right? Wrong. Maybe one reason Frank is so scary is because he takes your mind and then takes a dump in it. I just wish there was a way of building a bunker that Frank couldn’t get through, but the simple truth is that he’ll always with you, because he’s in your head. The real Frank is just some guy in a costume, but his image is the real worry here.

Anton Chigurh from No Country for Old Men

It’s just that he put a silencer on a shotgun. And then he kills people using gas pressure. There’s something scary and mysterious about serial killers. The way Chigurh can keep a completely expressionless face as he robs innocent people of their lives is just plain frightening in the way it’s so inhuman. We wish he would just stop.

The Z Block [4] From Tetris

In most prominent dictionaries, masochist is defined as follows:

(noun) a person, who when playing the game of Tetris, feels elation when the z block appears.

This  clunky villain is all powerful and omniscient, and always gets you when you are at your most vulnerable. There are no words to describe the terrible trauma suffered by it’s millions of victims, so we will now have a moment of silence in honor of those who valiantly stood up against the z block.

Image source: FyreNWater [5], Fir0002/Flagstaffotos [6], Butter Sponge [7], Franco Mathson [8] under Creative Commons

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