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Clog Playlist 1: A Farewell to Tedford

Posted By Kamin Kahrizi On Dec 6, 2012 @ 9:00 am In News,The Specials | Comments Disabled

Now that the dust has settling down, and the initial shock — just kidding — is wearing off, we can make some light of Tedford’s departure from Cal Football. To be paid as much as he was, for an embarrassing three wins, Tedford was no million dollar man [1], even though it costs over six million to let him go. We thought it would be interesting to take a look in [2] retrospect of the legendary Tedford, and recall how it used to be [3].

Tedford was one of those classic gentleman coaches, who was pure of heart [4] and demonstrated good sportsmanship in a way that has been missing for too long [5].  Back in 2006, with Tedford at the helm, there was nothing to worry about [6], we had a hell of a season [7] and Tedford made it look easy. When Cal was getting far ahead, the team would loosen up, taking a knee at the two yard line instead of building a disgusting lead. It was Tedford’s coaching that allowed Cal football fans to come together [8]. Tedford was a hard worker, and his notable successes and multiple PAC-10 Coach of the Year Awards were well deserved. In those days, Cal’s players were the stars of track and field [9], with a speed and strength that reflected good coaching.  Tedford was the comeback kid [10], starting as an underdog and becoming a force of constant win.

But like all good things, time [11] puts everything in ruins [12], and Tedford could only keep it up for only so long [13]. It seemed to all Cal fans out there that Tedford was asleep at the wheel [14] . The problem was that so much winning had led Tedford to rest on his laurels, and he needed more than just a shot in the arm [15]. Near the end, Tedford’s elephant [16] ego had led him to become a one man wrecking machine [17]. When we lost against Nevada, it was clear there was no hope [18]. We watched Maynard get blindsided [19] yet again [20] and again, and it took something out of all of us.

What we need now is a revival [21], and a coach with the drive [22] to get us there.

Image source: avinashkunnat [23]h under Creative Commons

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