A books safe is a more time intensive DIY but it is really easy to personalize and might actually get used. It’s the perfect place to hide extra cash, jewelry, an iPod and other small valuables. This project is a little more time intensive but it makes a really personal gift. The advice blog The Art of Manliness lays out the instructions nicely with pictures to go along with the steps. All you need is a hard cover book, a box cutter, a paint brush and puzzle glue. The project is relatively simple but you’ll definitely want to do it over a few days since there will be times when you need to let glue dry and it will take a couple hours to cut out the pages. To help make the gift personal, go explore a used book store and pick up a hardcover book with meaning to you and the recipient. Buying the hardcover book used will keep things cheap, usually just a few dollars, and it will give your gift a cool vintage feel. When your done, write a nice personal note on the inside. It’ll make it a meaningful gift that’ll will be kept forever and might get used on a regular basis.

Image source: Randy Cox under Creative Commons


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