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We at the Clog, like most, were ecstatic to leave the disaster that is CalMail behind for bMail. However, now that most Cal students have been moved over to bMail, many are finding that their @berkeley.edu email no longer syncs to their smartphones. If you are one of those students, or want to set up sync for the first time, then we have some steps to get your bMail properly synced to your phone.

1. Migrate to bMail
If you haven’t actually migrated to bMail yet, do it! You’ll be moved over to the gorgeous Gmail environment which is faster, cleaner and easier to use. All your past email will be moved over to your new account, and your CalMail will stop receiving new mail.

2. Create a Google key for your bConnected account
With the new system, you’re going to need to create a Google Key to sync any of your bConnected apps. You will use this as your password instead of your CalNet password when you set up bMail to sync on your phone. To set up your Google Key, you’ll need to go to the “Manage my keys page.” Log in with your CalNet ID and then select “bApps (Google).” Select the “Set Key” button. At this point you will see a randomly generated password. You can accept this password by selecting “Set Key” again, or you can choose the “Define your own tab” and set your own key.

3. Sync bMail with your iPhone or Android (Skip to step four for other third-party clients)
We’re almost there. If you’re using the Gmail app on iPhone or Android then all you have to do is sign in with your full @berkeley.edu email address and enter your Google Key as the password. It’s also just as simple if you want to use the iPhone’s mail app. Go to setting and select mail. Add a new account and choose Gmail, and then log in as if you were using the Gmail app. Gmail should sync, and you now have bMail on your phone!

4. How to log in with a third-party client
All third-party clients are a little different, but here’s the information you’ll need. When asked to log in, be sure to use your Google Key, not your CalNet ID password. When you are asked to chose a retrieval Protocal choose IMAP, not pop3 (IMAP allows you to view your emails on multiple devices much easier than POP3). For the server, you’ll being using m.google.com. And that should do it. If all goes well, your bMail should now sync.

5. Celebrate that your phone (or at least bMail) is working like it’s supposed to!
Your bMail now syncs with your phone. All of those precious emails are now coming instantly to your pocket. Sit back, relax and enjoy. UC Berkeley will be sticking with bMail for years to come, so you’re set for the rest of your years here.


Image source: Daniel Radding, The Daily Californian

Lisa McLaughlin said:
Feb 4, 2013 at 10:31 am

Great tips, Daniel! Thanks. Two other things you might want to let readers know:

1. Sync help is available EVERY MONDAY from 12-2:00 in Dwinelle Hall, Level C, Room 45. Friendly staff will assist all comers (students, faculty and staff) with Google Key set-up and device syncing (phone or tablet). This FREE service will continue EVERY MONDAY through April 29.

2. Not only can you read your email on your phone, you can get your calendar, documents, contact list…everything in your bConnected account! Use the Settings app in your device to add other bConnected services.

Nikolay Nichiporuk said:
Feb 21, 2013 at 5:08 pm

Thanks a bunch

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