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We Spy: Something Creepy

Posted By Matt Espineli On Feb 4, 2013 @ 8:00 am In The Specials | Comments Disabled

As students of Cal, one of the great things we have come to notice about walking around campus or the fine city of Berkeley is that there is always a chance you might run into something really interesting. As previously seen on the Clog’s “We Spy” series, there are a variety of things that we encounter. Most of them tend to stir up emotions of laughter, anger, fascination or even ironic sadness. However, never in our history of “We Spy” have we ever been so … well, creeped out.

It all started one day when we were walking around campus through the wood bridge walkway between the Old Art Gallery and Moses Hall on our way to Wheeler. It was on this walk that we noticed something rather peculiar. Observe the picture below.

20130131_122808 [1]

From a distance, it looked like an odd circle-shaped segment of graffiti. At the time, we thought it could very well be just that. After all, as much as we are ashamed to admit it, remnants of graffiti always have a tendency to show up around this area of campus. But after taking a few steps forward, the details of this purple circle started to settle in.

20130131_122820 [2]

With every step we made in our approach, the purple circle-shaped graffiti started to look familiar to us, albeit not entirely recognizable. Is it … is it a face? It looked like it had a pair of eyes and a blob of purple at the bottom to represent a mouth. But if this thing were a face, what was it a face of? It wasn’t until we were standing right in front of it that we started to see this weird purple circular face graffiti for what it really was.

20130131_122841 [3]

At that moment, our whole body froze. Not once did we blink. This entire time, the circle was none other than the disembodied head of what looked to be a demonic baby spray-painted on the wall. Immediately, our logical side started to invade our thoughts. Is there some organization on campus that uses this as a mascot? If so, why would they spray paint it on to such an ominous location on campus? And for crying out loud, why would their mascot be the disembodied head of a purple demonic baby?

As it was, the face was oddly mesmerizing. For a good five minutes, our eyes were transfixed on the baby, listening to the sound of running water from the river below. But soon enough, an immense anxiety set in and we knew that we had to leave. As we stepped away, something happened that we couldn’t have predicted.


The thing’s eyes lit up red! In a panic-dazed rush, we hightailed our way to Wheeler and never looked back. To say the least, things have never been the same for us …

Okay, so maybe that last bit didn’t actually happen! But hey, when you see a disembodied demonic baby’s head spray-painted onto a wall, wouldn’t you expect that to happen? Regardless, we at the Clog say that you should steer clear of that path between the Old Art Gallery and Moses Hall. It’s just bad voodoo. Also, we apologize in advance if this actually creeped you out.

Image sources: Matt Espineli, The Daily Californian 

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