Name: GO SMS Pro

Platform(s): Android

Price: Free

Mission: Make texting fun for Android

To be blunt, the stock SMS app for Android is boring and short on features. It sends your texts and that’s about it. Compared to iMessage, the stock SMS app looks a plain No. 2 pencil.

Android users deserve more.

They deserve a powerful app packed full of extra functionality. They deserve pop-up quick reply boxes and the ability to put a password on their SMS app to keep their nosy friends out of their business! They deserve themes to keep things festive and, perhaps most importantly, EMOJI because they deserve to have some fun too.

The third-party app GO SMS Pro does all of this and more. It has a wide selection of themes — free and paid — as well as tons of free plugins. These plugins add tons of functionality, like EMOJI or text in languages other than English. Additionally, you can make a private box to hide texts with that special someone and chat for free with other GO SMS users.

GO SMS is smooth, fast and sleek. Quite simply, it’s a pleasure to use and feels like the SMS app the Android community deserves.

And if you’re not satisfied with other stock apps, the GO DEV Team also has its own launcher, lockscreen, contacts, weather and keyboard apps.

But GO Apps are just one way to go. The great thing about Android is how many quality and deeply integrated third-party apps there are. Explore, tinker and see what works for you. Break free from those underpowered stock apps.

Image source: Josef Grunig under Creative Commons


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