A new house in North Berkeley is to be the Superman of Bay Area houses, with the low, low asking price of $1,980,000. It’s novelty is in its sustainability, from its energy-saving solar panels to its retrofitted design, built to outlast The Big One. On top of all that, this not-so-humble abode is supposed to be quite a looker, built in a “high Italian” style.

We wonder if the future owner of Wonder House will enjoy living in lavish style when they are the last living person in California in the era of post-Mother of All Earthquakes. Time will tell.

Image Source: ewen and donabel under Creative Commons
A pricey house in north Berkeley is built to last [SF Chron]



Due to budget imbalances and the general suckiness thereof, Berkeley’s powers-that-be propose the increase of garbage collection fees. Apparently, the drop in Asian demand for recycled paper contributes to the increasing value of dump collection. Say what?

Meanwhile, we have more trash and less money. Now, more fees? No, thanks. Our proposals:

*Dump our trash on the Stanfurd farm; let them deal with the mess.
*Save scraps of receipts and toilet paper to be used for taking notes in class.
*Find a Delorean to eat our crap.

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Berkeley Garbage Collection Fees May Rise to Balance Costs [Daily Cal]

You’re number 38 on the Wait List, drop the lame course already! Top off your hectic class schedule with something nice and juicy.

*Enroll in a DeCal class for 1-3 units of P/NP credit. OK, so a lot of these classes are pretty weird, but you know what? You’re weird.
*So you think you can teach? The DeCal program is accepting course proposal forms until the end of the month. Please, no more witty “Simpsons” or “Harry Potter” classes.
*ASUC Art Studio classes begin the first week of February. Warning: Dabbling in art practice will make you a hotter person.
*Intern for your favorite student organization. In other words, get units for hanging out with your friends.

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sonnenschein_williamBill Sonnenschein went out with a bang.

Sonnenschein was in Madagascar, his home country, with his 16-year-old daughter. He was there advising the country’s presidential chief of staff, sea kayaking and “frolicking with lemurs.” According to his wife, Sonnenschein was an adventurer and former roadie for the rock band Big Brother and the Holding Company. Sonnenschein died at the age of 59 on Dec. 29 due to gastric illness.

See here for details on Bill Sonnenschein’s memorial service.

Berkeley lecturer dies as he lived–on an adventure [Contra Costa Times]


They will, however, take you to watch President Elect Obama on the big screen. Get excited.

What: Obama Inauguration Big-Screen Community Viewing
Where: Oracle Arena, Oakland
When: Tues., Jan. 20
Cost: $5

Image Source: April Isabel Angeles

Ah, yes … an alternative to lead-ridden toys for the tots this holiday season. ‘Tis the season of giving, indeed. Lisa Smeenk of the Berkeley Geochronology Center sells personally handmade felt dolls. She even dyes the wool herself.

This art form involves felting (sort of like melting, but only in spelling) and spinning wool. Her first dolls are described as “unearthly creatures.” We’re sold! Prices range from $20 to $200. That’s pretty cheap considering that you’re not just buying a small pile of felt–rather, a tiny, woolen human non-being.

See here for more information about the dolls and for Smeenk’s contact information.

Image Source: Hasenpfeffer Incorporated under Creative Commons
Felt dolls help shopper avoid the toxic-toy pit this Christmas [Contra Costa Times]

Shout out to the rat-kissing homeless man that helped Kara Keough feel welcome after she made our T.V. limelight turn sour. Kara is a UC Berkeley student and on the Bravo reality T.V. show “The Real Housewives of Orange County”. We wonder just how many of us she thought really eats out of trash cans.

Thanks a lot, Dumpster Muffin.

Image Source: r.i.c.h. under Creative Commons
Daughter of “Real Housewife” adjusting to Berkeley [Inside BayArea]

The Berkeley City Council passed a measure Monday night crying “Hey, U.S., check yo’ boy”. The Council will urge the United States to prosecute UC Berkeley professor, Berkeley resident, and ex-White House official (apparently, not a good combination) John Yoo for war crimes. Our professors just can’t catch a break.

So, um, the United States took Yoo’s suggestions and Berkeley residents now expect said country to turn around and prosecute him for it? We should also mention that Yoo is only a visitor of Berkeley, dropping in from Orange County. What? He’s leaving? What’s an angry Berkeley resident to do?

In the question of academic freedom, the Berkeley City Council will not pursue efforts to have the university rearrange its class schedule. Ya win some, ya lose some.

Image Source: Pig Monkey under Creative Commons
Berkeley Council urges war crimes prosecution [SF Chron]
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The Berkeley City Council will vote Monday on whether or not to demand that Professor Yoo be charged with war crimes. Berkeley’s Peace and Justice Commission wrote five measures attacking Yoo, a Berkeley resident. To add insult to torturous injury, the city may decide to “demand” that Boalt Hall School of Law offer law students alternative courses to Yoo’s own. To which, we say: mind your own business, Berkeley City Council.

Talk about intervention. We’re having flashbacks of parent-principle conferences when high school Sex Ed got too “liberal.” Boalt Hall spokeswoman Susan Gluss stated our sentiments exactly: read more »

In contrast to the shadow cast over UC Berkeley’s cultural diversity and unity, students joined together last night to light candles in remembrance of the victims of the recent Mumbai terrorists attacks. While you grab your pencil-topper globe to figure out where exactly Mumbai is, know that the guy sitting next to you in lecture may have been directly affected by these killings. Crazy stuff.

Students of all cultures, colors, religions, shapes and flavors attended the vigil on Upper Sproul Plaza, providing moral support for fellow classmates whose friends were killed and yet other students who call Mumbai home. Our hearts go out the the students and families affected by this tragedy.

Image Source: Whirling Pheonix under Creative Commons
Students Hold Vigil On Campus For Mumbai Victims [Daily Cal]
Berkeley Mourns Mumbai Terrorist Attacks [Berkeley Daily Planet]

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