A few months ago, we waxed apocalyptic about what appeared to be American Apparel’s impending financial doom. However, it looked as though AA would slide through, albeit into a more humbled position, as investors offered to loosen some slack and renegotiate loan covenants. Nope.

American Apparel is in deeper doo-doo than ever. The New York Stock Exchange is threatening to delist them and their accountant just quit, saying their numbers might not be reliable. And suffice it to say, a lot is riding on AA keeping those numbers up. In this moment of crisis, AA management has finally come to openly acknowledge the hard truth behind their trouble: “hipster is over.” read more »


Expect many more headlines like this one in the coming months. We’re guessing that throughout this pivotal moment in UC’s history, online education baton twirler Christopher Edley – the dean of Boalt Hall School of Law – would like you to not think of the following fine institutions: University of Phoenix, traffic school. Well, too late. People are getting nervous.

Having waxed panicky our due, we acknowledge that this seemingly outlandish proposal deserves a fair and cool-headed appraisal (the ball has kinda begun rolling, anyway). For the situation and the pros and cons raised so far, keep reading. read more »

dna test

In a typically Stanfordian move, the rival institution trails UC Berkeley’s “Bring Your Genes to Cal” program with its own smaller, more expensive and more in-depth take on student genetic self-testing. Yet, despite the relative prudence of their approach, Stanford is still incurring intense scorn from bioethicists — which makes us look like completely reckless geno-hawks by comparison.

Read on and we’ll bring you up to speed on both programs; plus, we’ll condense the developing ethical debate. read more »


Well, it’s the end of June (already!? – *shudder*) and that earth-shatteringly important decision we’ve all been waiting for has come through the wires, as promised. BAM/PFA’s selection committee has awarded Diller Scofidio + Renfro the coveted project of building the new, much blabbered about museum. Read on for more info on the NY firm, pics. read more »

rock climbing

Like they do in army commercials. We know rock climbing is one of those things you keep putting off. We found a super local, super beginner-friendly opportunity for you. Don’t let it slip away this time. read more »

american apparel

Take a second to imagine a Telegraph Avenue – a world, in fact – minus American Apparel. Without the one-stop-shop for bow ties, leggings and assless tights, where on Earth would you go to outfit yourself for a ridiculous theme-party (Berkeley at large sometimes feels like one) while remaining sexy and with-it?

Buried somewhere within that rhetorical question, perhaps, lies the answer to why American Apparel is in grave financial jeopardy. read more »

The panel consisted of a former tabloid editor, the wife of a washed up heavy metal vocalist and Howie f*cking Mandel. Facing these brutal judges, UC Berkeley’s own a capella group Noteworthy delivered a rendition of Lady Gaga’s “Poker Face” (their dismal performance/rejection begins just past the 4 minute mark!).

With these choice words, Berkeley’s representation on America’s Got Talent, Season 5, was dismissed: “Given that the name of the show is not ‘America’s got annoying little read more »

dna testing

What if Cal uses our DNA samples to get going a eugenics-like alumni legacy program?  Or what if we all get a letter years down the road:  “Seeing how gene sequencing technology has improved since you submitted your ‘On the Same Page’ program sample back in 2010, we have taken the liberty to run a more in-depth analysis of your genetic make-up. You have two months to live, and you ain’t never goin’ to space.” It’s a slippery slope, man; either way, Jude Law is going to incinerate himself.

Okay,  okay, the real criticism that has surfaced against “On the Same Page” is somewhat more down to earth. Read on for the concerns raised and Cal’s comforting response. read more »


Last week, some members of the board of UC Regents raised the maddeningly insane question: is the relocation of an art museum a justifiable investment for the university at a time when it can’t afford things more directly pertinent to its basic mission? Fortunately, the foam around their mouths was eventually wiped by sleeve and their deranged criticism dismissed. New BAM gets $5.6 mil, and you can read on for the justification: read more »

saturated fat

Everyone’s roommate has a tub of “buttery spread” that’s supposed to taste like margarine, but treat you better. With their arteries in mind, American consumers have taken not one but two big steps away from from the O.G. buttery spread – butter.

Lately, Berkeley’s monthly Wellness letter has been in the business of redeeming kick-ass ingestibles (like milk! and butter!) that have developed undeservedly tarnished reps. For the real deal on saturated fat (The Clog’s condensed version) read on! read more »

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