Party at Caffe Mediterraneum! (Let’s hope.) This cafe, located on Telegraph Avenue, is in the process applying for a permit to stay open all night. The Telegraph Business Improvement District likes the prospect of businesses staying open until late, making Telegraph a more lively street in the deep dark of night.

We agree. Think about it; we all get midnight cravings. Cooking is out of the question when we’re halfway through studying a fat textbook. What better way to take a break (or not, for the overachievers among us,) than to grab some food with your friends in between library hopping? How about an excuse to quit bumming around the house at 4 a.m. (because we all know, Berkeley students do not sleep)? Keep your hopes high; it sounds promising!

Image Source: Carli Baker, The Daily Californian
Cafe Owner Aims to Extend Hours [Daily Cal]


Whoever branded the “old is gold” cliché gets props for keeping these words alive even today. Consumers thrive for the newest and the hottest, yet the already established stores occupy a spot in people’s hearts. You would think with the opening of a cute little shop that sells delicious ice cream cookies would steal the business away from all the neighbors with similar products. read more »


As college students, we never forget the fact that stressed spelled backwards is desserts, adhering to the idea that the stress caused from those massive amounts of papers and midterms should be alleviated by desserts, also known as sugar overload. We grab a piece of chocolate from under our desk every five minutes, convincing ourselves that the one piece that turns into ten won’t hurt.

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stoplightImagine  walking along the crosswalk in Berkeley (your right of way), minding your own business, when all of a sudden you hear a screeching sound on the pavement; your breath catches in your chest, your heart is racing and you jump back in alarm. This must have happened at some point in your life. People inevitably drive fast and oftentimes relentlessly, and if they have no prior warning or do not pay attention to warnings, results are bad, all bad.

Think about it: You could have been hit. Well, true story. A six-year-old girl was crossing near Malcolm X Elementary School, when she was suddenly hit by an oncoming car. After two whole years, the city is finally recognizing how dangerous a lack of warning signs is and has planned to spend over $54,000 on creating new alerts, including flashing lights and a repainted crosswalk. Recent updates indicate that they now hope to finish by September. Accidents happen daily; City of Berkeley, hurry it up!

Image Source: Taber Andrew Under Creative Commons
Berkeley Parents Protest Delay on School Traffic Lights [Inside Bay Area]


Go to class at your own risk. Not to make readers paranoid, but scary stuff goes on when buildings finally cave after their years of standing. A major pipe burst Monday evening at McCone Hall, resulting in a four-f00t deep flood.

The building had to be evacuated. Sure, these campus buildings are absolutely beautiful and classic looking, but have you ever walked into these buildings, and noticed dust inside the heating vents, mold on the staircases, and tidbits of construction that look unstable? Floods are bad enough, but in the case that anything worse happens, let’s hope efforts can be renewed to provide safety and quality for all.

Image Source: Elspeth and Evan Under Creative Commons
McCone Hall Evacuated as Burst Pipe Causes Flood [Daily Cal]


New findings by UC Berkeley researchers indicate that sleep is no longer pointless, as some of us may believe, especially during midterm season. Sleep does not waste precious study time, in fact, it helps us study better and retain more information. Sleep waves called “sleep spindles,” generated during sleep, work on our memory systems and learning functions. An experiment involving two groups of students, one with no sleep, and the other with a sufficient amount of sleep was conducted. These students attempted to learn the same information, yet those with more sleep in their system performed better. Not only do you have an excuse to sleep more, but you also have an excuse to study less!

Now who said all- nighters take us to the path of success?  Prove them wrong; go get some good shut eye, and ace that midterm!

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Image Source: DigitalBob8 Under Creative Commons
As We Sleep, Speedy Brain Waves Boost our Ability to Learn [UC Berkeley News Center]


Graduating seniors at UC Berkeley, go get your free churros on Sproul Plaza, today, March 9 from 11:00- 2:00.  Maybe these warm, sugary treats will make you feel a little less bummed about leaving this precious school of ours. Maybe it will make you even more excited. Either way, do not miss an opportunity to indulge your sweet tooth! The word “free” sounds good, right? Well, there is more. If you are a dedicated foodie, you can tune out now.
With your churros, get a free class of 2011 keychain, and get entered into one of those one in a million winner raffles. Also stop by for information on graduation. However, do not forget the main purpose behind this giveaway (because we all know everyone has an ulterior motive. Pessimistic much?) This event is a part of the Senior Gift Campaign,  a tradition in which Seniors are encouraged to donate to the school before they leave. This year’s class goal is 100,000. A little give and take (or just take) can’t hurt!

Image Source: Transparent Reality Under Creative Commons
Cal Senior Gift Campaign, 2011: [http://seniors.berkeley.edu/]


Some love, it some hate it, but none of us can deny that it is something we won’t stop using no matter how much trouble it may cause. Because BART is so essential in our daily commutes, we (with the exception of hardcore germaphobes) treat BART like our own cars, making ourselves quite comfortable on those decaying, ugly grey seats. Do we even know what color they are anymore?

The following information may gross you out, but please, do not let it stop you from continuing your journeys. Simply make sure you tread with caution. read more »

Peeping Toms, stalkers, or men simply doing “the creep” as Nikki Minaj puts it, are out for blood. One possible culprit, Masaki Kakizawa, may have been caught in the act. He was arrested Monday of last week for allegedly peering into a girl’s bathroom stall at the Valley Life Sciences Building on campus and taking pictures. He allegedly snapped about three or four photographs on his cell phone before being chased by the girl and being arrested soon after. read more »

160304502_a0d91cdfcb_m“I scream, you scream, we all scream for ice cream!” Remember our favorite childhood chant, the one we’d constantly annoy our parents with as soon as they stepped into the door with our cherished vanilla ice cream, fudge brownie and that gooey chocolate syrup? Well, some things never change; we still anticipate the first bite of that creamy, sugary treat. Let’s hope those screams are just talk though.

Well, you might just let those inner childhood screams out when you try Saturn Café’s delicious hot fudge sundae, cool and refreshing for a summer night with the right amount of chocolate sauce to warm your heart. It’s located on Oxford Street and attending this parlor is a must. The price is almost as delicious as the sundae itself, only $5.25 for a huge scoop!

The chocolatey goodness coupled with the glitzy, glamorous old-fashioned décor of the diner is enough to send us straight to another planet!

Image Source: Muffintop under Creative Commons

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