This week’s tech tip is for both Mac and Windows with a little catch … read on to see!

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Are you running out of space on your computer to store your files? Don’t have a big enough of an external storage drive to back up your data? Don’t even know what an external storage drive is? No problem! This week’s tech tip covers Windows, Mac AND Linux users! read more »

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Allo and welcome to another tech tip! Since we had a tech tip mainly focused on Windows based computers last week, we decided its time to let the Mac users shine a bit. Well, “shine” as in expose potential problems. But surely, Macs don’t break right? read more »

Allo, allo fellow Bears! How is summer treating you? Tanning lots? No? Staying inside all day just staring at the computer screen? We knew it! Go outside and get some fresh air.

But if you insist on staying inside, here are some tips on getting that ol’ laptop a little more speedy when you turn it on. read more »

Books, books and more books! If you haven’t heard of Moe’s Books yet then shame on you! This venerable establishment scored as this year’s best bookstore in the Berkeley area once again, and the Clog brings more good news, depending on how much of a bookworm you are.

Moe’s Books has four stories of literature of every kind you can imagine! From modern releases to centuries-old classics, Moe’s has nearly everything. You knew that already, didn’t you? But what you might not know is that Moe’s had a recent upgrade to their collection. Unfortunately, this upgrade consists of math, art, language, philosophy, Sinology (what’s that?), Middle East, Indo-European studies, many academic French language titles and some rare sheet music. Okay fine, maybe for some of you out there this is a great time to rejoice but be warned: the new titles have already trickled into their respective shelves. Anyone less than a Moe’s veteran probably can’t spot the newcomers (but you can always ask the help desk).


“All men by nature desire knowledge.”
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If you peruse through YouTube as much as we do, you’ve probably noticed self-driving car test, which Google put out to the general public. At first glance, of course we all thought, “AUMG Google’s one step closer to dominating the world!” Indeed, one of the top rated comments right now is “Skynet now drives a Prius.”

All lulz aside, Ethan Elkind, a climate-change research fellow at Berkeley law, discusses how self-driving cars could actually be great for the environment. This makes sense as mechanically controlled speeds and turns could make an individual’s drive optimally efficient just as cruise control helps save gas on long boring drives. Plus, self-driving automobiles remove a lot of what causes car accidents: human error! Never mind the nearly impossible situations when human judgment trumps the mechanical … most of our crashes involve someone not making smart decisions. Like drinking and driving. Keep that soda in the cup holder while you’re driving!

Elkind goes on to mention that said Google car is a step towards this kind of technology. Just one of the few major concerns this technology entails is the insurance liability. Who’s fault is it when your self-driving car crashes? Yours? Google’s? Toyota’s/Ford’s/etc? Either way, this is a great pathway to new technological trends.

Could self-driving cars help the environment? [The Berkeley Blog]

As you may or may not have known, Fa-la-la has closed down and Souvlaki Greek Traditional Food (quite a mouthful, we know) has taken its place. Though the new Greek establishment loses in the name category, it still has a chance to redeem itself with deliciously good eats.

Souvlaki Greek Traditional Food (SGTF) is tucked away in the little nook right across the Asian Ghetto, the popular food court of sorts on Durant Ave. The general environment of the restaurant is very white (literally!) and very cozy, so don’t expect to fit a lot of people in there. Don’t mind the gigantic menu sign outside either; the place just openedrecently, so they are still making room and settling in to their new home. But enough with the introductions … is the food worth your money? read more »

Thinking about watching Mission Impossible to start the weekend vicariously? Mulling over what Ron Paul had to say? Or do you just simply want to get to class? So there you are, just reflecting on the complications of life when suddenly … HELLO! Would you like to hear about <insert ASUC candidate name here>? Um … *awkward silence*

Well, if learning about the ASUC and its candidates from a different source is more suitable for you, then here’s a nifty guide on the do’s and don’t's on avoiding ASUC campaigners or Sproulers in general.


DO: Get into cart that drives students around. Plus, you can give all the Sproulers creepy looks as you roll along.


DON’T: Wear bright clothing that will potentially make you more attractive (not in fashion appeal though, sorry). read more »

Bored of regular art exhibitions? Look no further than the Bancroft Library’s “A Place at the Table: A Gathering of LGBT Text, Image and Voice” exhibit, which will showcase literature, film, photography and other work of lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender artists. Many of the pieces were held by writers Gertrude Stein and Alice B. Toklas. read more »

apr Yes it’s that time of the year! Spring break?! No, no, not yet you silly. Apartment hunting!

As you may or may not know, now’s a good time to be looking for apartments as leasing contracts approach their end towards the summer. For those you already hunting for your next humble abode, the city is trying to crack down on people like Lakireddy Bali Reddy, who might make your experience living in an apartment miserable if not potentially fatal. Though crooks like Reddy are not that common, the ASUC Renter’s Legal Assistance site is a great resource to brush up on some knowledge to protect yourself against scamming landlords.

Most of you won’t have to deal with shady folks looking for apartments, but here are some tips from the Clog to help you out! read more »

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