Construction is an easy thing to hate. Coincidentally, construction in Berkeley spreads faster than the rats in our kitchen (please don’t ask).

Dear Construction Sites of the Berkeley Campus,

Stop. Just stop it already. Students do not wake up at 7 a.m. or even 8 a.m. (technically they are still half-asleep even if they are so-called “awake” at these times). read more »

Oakland: at least it’s not Cleveland. From Eye on Blogs, we bring you a snazzy idea: a road trip to Oakland! Woohoo!

Earlier this week, the Daily Cal released its Summer Orientation issue, with some familiar faces recommending choice staycation spots. And a while ago, we pointed you to the travel blog. Honestly, we’re beginning to feel like pushers. Of awesomeness.

Enjoy the above video, and we’ll bet you’ll be planning your bus ride to Oakland in a jiffy! Oakland clearly > Berkeley. Self-irony 4 lyf.

Like Disneyland, but Oakland [Eye on Blogs]
Oakland! [YouTube]
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We all know the apocalypse is upon us for our sinful, heathen ways. But just exactly how close are you to the fault that will unleash the Big One on the Bay Area? Hazards Awareness Map will tell you.

So friends who live at 2250 Prospect Street, in the case of an earthquake, you will probably die:

You are IN or NEAR the following:

* HIGH Ground Shaking
This map shows the potential level of ground shaking hazard from earthquakes that geologists and seismologists agree could occur in California. It takes into consideration the uncertainties in the size and location of earthquakes and the resulting ground motions that can affect a particular location. (more information at

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In Berkeley’s got a detailed write-up of the new openings on Elmwood’s College Avenue. There are currently four vacant spaces in the block between Russell Street and Ashby Avenue, three of which are gearing up for some business. Sometime soon, expect to see:

- Summer Kitchen Bake Shop (in the place next to Your Basic Bird, the pet shop)
- a new cafe somehow possibly linked to the people of Cafe Fanny (in the shuttered Elmwood Pharmacy)
- a clothing store for an Oakland fashion designer (in the other half of the old hardware store)

Maybe, in the near future, Elmwood won’t be known just for its ice cream.

Image Source: pixieclipx under Creative Commons
Recession, what recession? in the Elmwood [In Berkeley]

Because Chuck Dillon’s art student pictures totally scream “Berkeley!” to us. Maybe it’s just that liberal, let-it-all-hang-out, admit-the-geeks attitude.

We find the following students most Berkeleyesque:

- Stressed Student
- Student 1.0
- Environmental Hippy Student
- Average/Good Student

Though we’re sure you could make an argument for the entire collection, considering that we do have an art practice major. Also the sheer fact that we have, oh, 30,000+ students.

Image Source: Chuck Dillon
Which Student are You? [blog 30 x 30]
via Laughing Squid

Also: We kinda dig the Morrison ‘do on Weird Al Yankovic. We also feel really gross for saying that.

Above is Al’s latest, a song about the weird smorgasbord you’ll find on craigslist a la the Doors. Why the Doors? Why not the Doors, we’d reply (which we just did).

We don’t know if this song was inspired by real craigslist sales/missed connections/free stuff forums, but one can only hope.

“Weird Al” Yankovic – Craigslist [YouTube]
via Laughing Squid


Bulletproof psp Google Me movie full

In case you haven’t noticed, the Daily Cal added another blog to the mix. A travel blog, to be specific. “Anywhere But Berkeley” boasts some dazzling pictures, so we’re thrilled to add it to our RSS readers (and don’t think we’re just drinking the newspaper Kool Aid—we’re genuinely impressed). So far the blog is representin’ Israel, Spain, Germany, Hong Kong, Tunisia and the Philippines.

While you’re chilling in your parents’ house or nose-deep in summer school, you can pretend that you’re off in some exotic, paradisaical, fragrant or politically tumultuous land. No ticket necessary.

Image Source: Nick Fradkin

Wayne's World ipod

, Daily Cal
Anywhere But Berkeley [Website

The Prince and Me 2 hd

Still Waters movie download


Masik Collegiate Fragrances bottles up the essence of college campuses across the United States (OK, more like the South/Penn State). It seems like there are no plans for westward expansion, but Golden Bears can still dream, right? And it’s not all beer and top ramen:

The scents are inspired by university colors, landmarks and architectural style, and campus trees and flowers, among other factors, says Katie Masich, the company’s president and CEO. For instance, Louisiana State University’s purple-and-gold logo matches its perfume’s notes of plum, golden bourbon and honey. There’s also a touch of oak, in homage to the oak tree-lined campus.

So what would the Berkeley scent entail? Our guess:

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So now that we’ve established UC Berkeley’s suckage, the Clog would like to add reason No. 2: lack of dorm light shows The Muppets Take Manhattan dvd Greystoke: The Legend of Tarzan, Lord of the Apes movie download

. Don’t we have enough socially awkward, friendless engineers to one up Poland

1776 psp
Diary of a Tired Black Man movie download

? What’s that? They’re all busy playing WoW? LAME.

college dorm light show! AWSOME [YouTube A American Crimen video The Killing Floor full movie Blade dvdrip ]


We couldn’t resist mooching off SFist’s texts from last night idea. Also, we knew that there must be some foolish shenanigans happening in the 510. At least some of the Berkeley students switch over to the East Bay area code, right? Plus, there’s always Oakland.

Below, the best of the (paltry) 510 sampling. Come on, represent! We want to laugh at our neighbors on the Internet. We’re pretty sure the dumpster diving and dreads-related texts are from Berkeley, BTdubs.

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