The end of November is a busy time for students. Not only are we rushing to write papers that will be due the Monday after Thanksgiving vacation because Cal personally hates every single one of us, but Tele-BEARS Phase II also began last Tuesday. Making last-minute appointments to your academic adviser and creating your 130th mock-up schedule on Ninja Courses while attempting to catch-up on schoolwork before dead week hits can be, of course, stressful.

We at the Clog decided to translate our pain into images and showcase a common tale that most Cal students can relate to. We spiced up our visuals with a free iPhone app called Manga-Camera that transforms the most mundane pictures of your pets and food into exciting Dragon Ball Z-style showdowns. Why make your photos into boring, contemplative art pieces with a sepia filter, when you can surround yourself with fiery explosions of death instead? In any case, here is our incredibly accurate portrayal of the typical Tele-bears process:


What a productive day it has been


What time is it ... ?



A Beautiful Mascot.

A Beautiful Mascot.

When we at the Clog first heard about the new eatery on Telegraph Avenue, we were bit perplexed by its concept. Pasta-In-A-Box ? Sure, the name conjures up an image of the casual, “walk in wearing sweatpants and an over-sized T-shirt” dining experience the owners were probably going for, but pasta in a box is by no means an unique concept. As far as we know, if you order pasta for take-out in any other restaurant, you will probably receive pasta in some sort of box.  Perhaps Pasta-In-A-Box should have been more daring during the conceptual process- like “Pasta-In-A-Sphere” or “Pasta-In-An-Octagon” a la Gregoire. Maybe, even simply confuse customers with some surreal label such as “Pasta-In-A-Void.” In any case, the Clog was obligated to eat at a place that was honest enough to straight up call itself Pasta- In -A-Box. read more »


Does anyone even remember the laserdisc format? VHS forever!

It’s been another year and we return to that familiar season where it’s acceptable to be fascinated by the darker side of life. Stores around Berkeley are stocking their shelves with cheap paint, wigs, skulls and teeth that will be the building blocks to the perfect Halloween costume and the UA Berkeley 7 on Shattuck is screening the obligatory Paranormal Activity 4. Like last year, we at the Clog want to spread the Halloween festivities by compiling a list of horror movies that will be promising last-minute additions to the mandatory horror film marathon. Here are our recommendations below:

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Free comic book day

As you are all either relaxing or cramming through Dead Week, keep in mind that Friday, May 5 is Free Comic Book Day! Fantastic Comics and The Escapist in the Berkeley area, as well as other Comic Book shops throughout the Bay will be offering a selection of free comic books to whomever comes to their stores. It’s a great way to sample some new series for yourself or, if you are a new fan,  introduce yourself to the world of comic books. The official website for Free Comic Book Day has a section titled “Get Into Comics” that serves as an excellent introductory resource for the new reader.

Before the onslaught of finals begins, check into a local comic book shop and see what it has to offer.

Image source: BenSpark under Creative Commons


The Pacific Film Archive has been a wonderful venue for various film festivals throughout the school year and is ending spring semester on a strong note by screening 42 films for the 55th annual San Francisco International Film Festival, the longest running film festival in America. The PFA will show four films for the festival every Saturday and Sunday and two every week day until Thursday, May 3.

This Saturday has a line-up that features a diverse selection of films if you want to distract yourself this weekend before the last stretch of classes. read more »


It’s time to pull out that inner school spirit and support Cal’s up and coming comedians. A team of UC Berkeley students are participating in the 5th annual National College Comedy Competition,which as the name suggests, is a nationwide stand-up comedy competition between various universities. Cal’s team, which is composed of Dash Kwiatkowski, Eli Peterson, Rose Guthrie and Varun Rajan, has beaten Standford (of course) in the regional round and is currently competing against UC Santa Cruz in the quarterfinals. read more »

CELL PHONESSSIt’s hard to imagine a time when people lived without the comfort of cell phones. Now, the loud ping of an incoming text message permeates our daily life and it seems perfectly natural to check our inbox two, no four, times or more over the course of an hour. While many consider texting to be detrimental to interpersonal relations (i.e. having a text conversation while hanging out with your friends and doing a terrible job at both), a recent study published in the journal entitled “Professional Psychology: Research and Practice” by Professor Adrian Aguilera from the Social Welfare department found that texting can actually be a beneficial social tool, particularly in terms of mental health therapy.

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As you may have read on the Clog, Fantastic Comics held a book signing yesterday for the first issue of “Danger Club” written by Landry Q Walker and illustrated by Eric Jones. Of course, come Saturday afternoon, we at the Clog took a visit to Fantastic Comics and came away with the prize:


Check out those sweet autographs

Walker and Jones were very friendly and showed us a sneak peak (which we unfortunately couldn’t take photos of) of two pages that will be in the second issue, releasing in May. As we left Fantastic Comics with an autographed copy of “Danger Club” in our hands, we knew we had to read it. read more »


Random assortment of pretty covers!

For the comic book fans out there, Fantastic Comics will be hosting a book signing for the first issue of  “Danger Club”, a new title from Image Comics today at 5 p.m. In the world of “Danger Club”, the powerful and established superheroes left earth to battle a dangerous and evil force. However, the superheroes do not return, leaving their young apprentices to take control.  As you would expect from young, adolescent children, bitter inner conflict and violence ensue.  This interesting take on the superhero genre, which one review compares to Willam Golding’s “Lord of the Flies,” is written by Landry Q. Walker and illustrated by Eric Jones who both worked previously on titles such as “Batman: the Brave and the Bold” and “Supergirl: Cosmic Adventures in 8th Grade.” If you’re curious, Image Comics has some preview pages up on their website.

It’s always fun to meet authors and artists in the flesh, so take up this opportunity while you have free time during the weekend. And of course, get their autograph (and give them to us).

Image source: kickthebeat under Creative Commons

Spring Break is unfortunately over, but SUPERB will make the transition back to the Berkeley grind hurt a little less with their showing of “Mission: Impossible Ghost Protocol” on Friday, April 6 at Wheeler Auditorium. The film will show at 7 p.m. as well as at 9:30 p.m., so those who are night owls can also look forward to a night of action adrenaline.

“Ghost Protocol” appears to be read more »

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