Gamboling about Telegraph Avenue will inevitably land the inquisitive meal-seeker near that street’s very own restaurant row. What ho, though, for the face of it has changed! What used to be Slurp is now newest addition Thai Noodle II, now with added roman numerals and a few less scribbly, paint-blotch works of art mounted on the walls. This intrepid Clogger is happy to report that the new location’s scheduled to open tomorrow; and if not tomorrow, sometime in the following week at the latest.

Thai Noodle II will serve the same steaming plates of cheap deliciousness, but it’s doing a few things different from the original. read more »

Jan. 29, to be precise. Last we heard, Temple owners were hand-wringing over the cancellation of the November Zoning Adjustments Board meeting, which was supposed to grant them freedom to do whatever the heck they darn well wanted. According to more enlightened sources, the City of Berkeley needs time to complete an urban study. That’s a study of traffic and noise, the website adds helpfully. And by ‘time’, they mean several weeks.

More entertaining are the lengths to which the Temple has gone to publicize the affair and stave off the elimination of their venerable Sunday institution. The Facebook group alone has almost 800 members, the Youtube video is here, and apparently there’s a MySpace page in the works, too.

Anyway. While we wait in breathless suspense, have your post with a side order of crunch time procrastination.

Image Source: Kenn Christ under Creative Commons
Save Sundays at the Thai Temple! []

Hyphy gets a bad (ha) rap for excessive … everything, but when it comes to the hometown heroes you gotta show support where you gotta show support, you know? Fans at Rasputin Music lined up around the block early last week to see E-40, hyphy kingpin and proud owner of a Fatburger franchise in Pleasant Hill, California, perform songs off his latest album. But that’s not the point! Because the point is this: Matt Price was there, and Matt Price was a Berkeley student who graduated with a degree from Cal’s Classics department in 2002, and Matt Price was the man who made that one Akon and E-40 collab, “Wake It Up”.

Pretty cool, right? Price said he got name-dropped by Oakland emcee Big Dan at the show (“Hey everybody, you know who this is? That m*therfucker made ‘Wake It Up’!”) — whereupon he was accosted by fans who wanted his autograph and a picture and all that good stuff. Cal was a while ago, but here’s what he got up to when he was here: read more »

Got a deficit of laconic gunslinger, squint-eyed cowboy lady-killer, stone-cold sonofabitch and enduring icon of masculinity in your life? Have no fear–the Clog is here to tell you how to remedy that sad dearth in just two easy-peasy steps.  Graphic designers, sally forth!  In the meantime, those of us with pitiable amounts of design savvy will, uh, listen to the Gorillaz song on loop while shedding a single tear of sadness for our missed opportunity. read more »

Reports say a Wal-Mart employee died just a few hours ago, trampled to death by raging Black Friday bargain-seekers in New York. Shoppers tore down the front doors of the Wal-Mart at Green Acres Mall in Valley Stream, N.Y., knocking down the unidentified 34-year-old worker. Three other shoppers and a pregnant woman were taken to the hospitable for minor injuries.

According to eyewitness testimonials, the waiting shoppers pulled the doors from their hinges in their rush to get into the store. The surge, the NYT solemnly reports, endangered children, who had to be grabbed by their parents so as to not get lost and/or trampled upon in the mad stampede. Jeez. People really are nuts for their tech gadgets and Guitar Hero game kits.

Image Source: r_b under Creative Commons
Wal-Mart Employee Trampled to Death by Customers [NY Times]

Contrary to expectations, the English department here on the Berkeley campus doesn’t just sit around in a perpetual state of steeple-fingered contemplation, sipping steaming chamomile tea and navel-gazing about literary dead white men all day long. The department will launch a new series of campus programs called “Conversations with Distinguished Alumni” this Dec. 1, with none other than the biggest of all bigwigs–short of Rupert Murdoch–showing up to bat: Peter Chernin.

Who? you ask, squinting in confusion. read more »

Surprise! Given the opportunity, homeowners took swift advantage of a new Berkeley program that let them install solar panels for the grand sum of no money up front at all. This being Berkeley, the question isn’t if the tickets, like the Oakland Tribune reports, went faster than spots to a Bruce Springsteen concert. The question is if the tickets went faster than a speeding cheetah, a freight train, a pack of dogs on a 3 legged cat? Faster than the arctic caps are liquefying, the economy combusting, our coral reefs dying and our natural resources adjourning to the afterworld thanks to our relentless efforts to consume everything on Earth ever? Faster, even, than instant noodles?

The morning after the presidential election, the city opened its online application for a program to help homeowners with the cost of solar installation by shifting that cost onto their property-tax bills for the next 20 years. Within the first nine minutes, 40 applications were immediately received. Bam!

So who won out? read more »

The Big Game weekend’s almost here, with bonfire revelers at the Greek Theater scheduled to start torching at 7 p.m. tomorrow night.  The UC Rally Committee–Berkeley’s oldest student organization and protector of thy holy university traditions since 1901–held a Stanford tree whackathon on Sproul Plaza yesterday, wherein they cut logs subtly painted over with blaring red Stanford logos to teensy pieces.  Sledgehammer symbolism, anyone?

For those of you who missed the melee, pictures follow after the cut. read more »

For a short time, you couldn’t walk anywhere on campus without the underlings of the Ultimate College Bowl voter registration drive tripping you up, wagging flyers under your nose, and generally being a big fat nuisance underfoot. Monopolizing real estate on Sproul Plaza, Sather Gate and North Gate, volunteers collared passers-by with the aim of getting them to register for the upcoming election. The dangled carrot? A free concert, given by Death Cab for Cutie on this very campus.

Last we checked, Berkeley was trailing UC Santa Barbara by a few hundred voters. In fact, we still are trailing UCSB by a few hundred voters, according to the Ultimate College Bowl website. But a new report from UCSB’s newspaper, the Daily Nexus, informs readers that it was all a terrible mistake, because UCSB didn’t win–Berkeley did. read more »

Through its current incarnation and in ones past, the Clog’s upheld its fine tradition of bagging on everyone up to and including Mother Teresa, but this Saturday’s Berkeley Project is pretty much unassailable in our eyes.  Started in 2006, the Berkeley Project is a giant one-day service project dedicated to raising community awareness and bettering everything ever.  Need a wall painted over, your coastal shoreline mulched, your garden beautified and your back waxed?  Berkeley Project coordinators have it wrapped up, bro.

Yes, you say impatiently, but how does that directly affect us? And will the results be visible at all the next day? read more »

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