Coming to theaters the Berkeley Student Food Collective near you.


Starved college students come hither. It’s about that time to ditch the ramen noodles, Easy Mac and microwavable dinners for … fruits and veggies? The Berkeley Student Food Collective is introducing a specialized Box fully packed with super fresh and organic assortment of vegetables and fruits for $15 per week.

So what’s the business about The Box? BSFC has this neat idea of providing students with a week’s worth of great produce to students for $15/week or $60 per month. Convenient location for picking up the food makes it way simpler for people like us at the Clog who struggle to find time to go grocery shopping and thus, have healthy to decent food to eat. Also it’s all about supporting local farms and businesses, which we know is the super cool thing to do.

Each box comes with the produce and several recipes you can try. Preparation suggestions are also included so if you have some random vegetable you never existed, like the swiss chard to your right, then you’ll probably be grateful for the preparation suggestion. I mean, it’s a funky looking vegetable, not going to lie.

The Clog thinks we all, as college students, can really appreciate any opportunity to include healthy, natural stuff into our read more »

sliver 2“Cheeseboard is too f**king far,” seems like a common mantra for Southside UC Berkeley students who just want a slice of that amazing vegetarian pizza that makes you forget it’s vegetarian and then have to resort to Fat Slice or something. And I don’t think it’s a matter of laziness here, but seriously, sometimes it’s just not worth going all the way to Downtown Berkeley for pizza when we’re so busy with doing schoolwork, procrastinating, being on the fringes of frat-boy alcoholism and reading the “Interest” sections of our current crushes on Facebook.

So, what’s your reaction when I say that since you won’t lug your butt to Cheeseboard, the essence and glory of Cheeseboard brought itself to you? I’m not even kidding. I think it’s time to welcome and try out a new pizzeria that has already stirred up a growing presence in Berkeley, and that popular baby is Sliver Pizzeria on Center Street.

Sliver is literally as if Cheeseboard popped out a kid, or if it learned it had a long-lost brother, because they are nearly identical in concept and pizza quality. read more »

2305726488_102f4e5c07_nIn a little over an hour, Cal is going to be tootin’ the horn for the winners of the monthly Zipcar contest, Students with Drive. And heck yeah, guess who’s winning in the Academic criteria? University of California, Berkeley, baby. Well, okay, the contest ends at 9:00 P.M. but looking at how our represenatives, Pioneers in Engineering (PiE), are currently ahead of the second-place Speech Team of University of Illinois AND with more votes still clocking in … the Clog can safely say, “YO, I THINK WE GOT THIS.”

But yeah, before we start cartwheeling across Memorial Glade half naked and screaming from the top of the Campinile about how great we and PiE are, let us focus on what this contest and the group are even about. The word “winning” is always an exciting, delicious thing to hear. Come on, who doesn’t like to be awesome at something and then praised [and in this case, win big bucks] for their accomplishments? It’s a rhetorical question, in case you were about to answer.

Zipcar is the company that for an hourly rate allows people, especially college students, to borrow the car read more »

ice shot glasses
Geeks – gotta love ‘em. Especially the geeks who work at ThinkGeek and happily challenge the social notion of what geeks actually are. If the definition goes something along the lines of, “awesome people who think of super cool innovative things for the die-hard fans of Star Wars, Portal 2 and even Doctor Who (just to name a few),” then geeks deserve a shitload of admiration.

So wait, what’s this about frozen shot glasses? We’re not kidding. ThinkGeek especially is not kidding. For all you thirsty of-age alcohol drinkers (we are totally against supporting any sort of underage drinking in college), the Clog thinks this is definitely worth your attention and money.

Called Cool Shooters Ice Shot Glasses, read more »

blood in the moonlight

You may have heard about the crazed, revengeful barber of Fleet Street who (deep inhale) basically seeks to kill this perverted judge because the dude screwed him and his wife over (the latter, literally screwed … over …) after years of being stuck in prison for a crime he didn’t commit and then ends up murdering other people while waiting and then his little lover-sidekick makes meat pies out of his victims’ flesh and feeds them to Londoners. Woo! Nothing too out of the ordinary, just your typical story of a bad day.

Seriously though, if you haven’t heard of Sweeney Todd: The Demon Barber of Fleet Street, then it’s a good thing you know now because there’s an opportunity to watch it in person. read more »

white eyelinerThe Clog’s back again with another shout out to the lovely women on – you know it – make up tips. Previously, we shared with you a simple, foolproof way on how to clean your makeup brushes with a budget-friendly and still very effective method. Next up is another little tool that you might find useful: white eyeliner.

Highlighting, girls. We’re all familiar with it. Definition is what we’re going for and this thing alone can amp up your makeup in a way that counts with rather minimal effort. White eyeliner helps create the illusion of light hitting certain parts of your face and bringing more attention to it by brightening the area.

Where would we apply this white eyeliner/highlighting pencil? Here are the usual options: inner corner of eyes, read more »


eyeshadowWelcome to college, where girls are blossoming out of their high school selves – unless you were super sexy already and well, you either continue to be hot or are falling apart – to try new things. And we think this upcoming Spring Break is smouldering with not just the potential to be the starting point of your “I’m going to seriously work out for my bikini bod” mentality but also some sexy experimentation. That could mean anything, ranging from push-up bras to dabbing on some perfume.

One of them might very well be makeup. Starting with the basics: eyeliner, mascara, lip gloss, maybe even lip stick, a bit of blush, experimenting around with eyeshadow to give your eyes a pop of color – you get the idea.

Then there are the essentials that come with applying makeup: makeup brushes. And so today, the Clog is going to bring you a very useful and budget-friendly tip for the caring of your brushes.  read more »

epic cal
So, like, we’re apparently, like, one of the five outstanding colleges in the nation that notably provide full services for our physically-disabled students. As in, there’s this list of disability-friendly colleges and on top of that, five are not just “friendly” but, like, “outstanding.”

Pffft, as if we haven’t heard that word applied to Cal already. C’mon, that’s one of the many adjectives that just naturally blend somewhere in between “The” and “University of California”. It’s not astrophysics we’re dealing with here. It’s unquenchable fire and passion and blue-and-gold pride blazing all throughout for our university’s provisions for our the entire student population.

We were more than delighted to discover Prufrock Press Inc.‘s newly released book, College Success for Students with Physical Disabilities, read more »

running shoes

Hey, you. Yeah, you, just sitting all slumped in front of the comp, most likely consistently glancing at your Facebook tab when taking breaks from reading. Go out and exercise. ‘Ey, now don’t tell me you’re too busy for it, or that exercise is boring as f*** and your time could be utilized in a better manner. Don’t want to hear it because this week’s PLAYgreen 2012 is making those excuses from sweating and physically pushing yourself totally inapplicable.

Care to hear more? Forget giving you an option, you should keep reading on (Facebook can wait).

From February 27 to March 3, the Recreational Sports Facility (RSF) is hosting an event, read more »


Photoshop: an invention that alters things ranging from deleting a single strand of flyaway hair to creating unrealistically perfect facial features with mere clicks and clever dragging of the mouse. Who wouldn’t like to learn how to use it? It can’t hurt to, you know, maybe temporarily shave off a few pounds for your Facebook profile picture *cough cough*. No judging.

Well, whatever you decide to use it for, an opportunity to learn how to lies at your feet, ripe for the taking.

The Student Technology Council (STC) exclusively invites Cal students to attend Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator training sessions as well as enter the chance to win $2,500 in a Cal-themed T-shirt design contest. Since the Adobe Creative Suite was released for free earlier this year read more »

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