Head on over to dailycal.org to read live updates from our reporters on the field of the Oakland riots. Some background: Earlier in the day, former BART police Officer Johannes Mehserle was sentenced to two years in state prison—292 days of which he has already served.

Cue craziness.

What a BAMF.

UPDATE: The live chat is up now. Aaaand it’s over.

The Daily Cal’s sports section will be hosting a live chat (as opposed to dead chat, of course) with Cal wide receiver Marvin Jones — not to be confused with the Esteemed and Most Venerable John Marvin Jones, or “Johnny” as we are fond of calling him, who was an OK guy as far as we know from our Wikipedia perusal.

No, this Marvin Jones is known not so much for judging citizens in the courtroom as much as judging the enemy team on the gridiron—harshly, too.

If you’re interested in asking M.J. a few questions, go to the Daily Cal tomorrow around noon-thirty to feed the insatiable beast known as your football fanaticism.

Image Source: Skyler Reid, Daily Cal
LIVE CHAT w/ Cal WR Marvin Jones [Daily Cal Sports on Facebook]
Jones to Chat Live with Fans via Daily Cal Tuesday [CalBears.com]

Have you been keeping up with the latest in California budget politics? Because if you haven’t, you might read more »

It's metaphorical!

Want to keep talking about divestment? Didn’t think the ASUC gave SB 118 its due?

Then head on over to the Naia Lounge in Lower Sproul Plaza for two hours of divestment talk with senators and bill authors! But the best part? Free refreshments. Mmmm.

What: Divestment meeting
Why: Free refreshments.
When: Saturday, May 8 from 1 to 2 p.m.
Where: Naia Lounge.

Image Source: 姒儿喵喵 under Creative Commons

A group of people outside of California Hall are protesting that Arizona bill you may have heard about recently. Apparently, they’re willing to stay for up to a week or until the chancellor/other bigshots give them what they want. Which isn’t just about SB 1070:

The strikers also demanded that campus administrators drop all student conduct charges against activists, implement a “democratic student-led” process for examining the code of student conduct, accept responsibility for clashes between demonstrators and police during the Nov. 20 Wheeler Hall occupation, end layoffs of low-wage employees and rehire already laid-off union workers.

Further updates are likely to come as they develop.

Protesters Stage Hunger Strike Outside California Hall [Daily Cal]
Image Source: doobledubz under Creative Commons

These images were sent to the Clog by vet UCB blogger Brittany Curran, taken at the Campaign for Berkeley wall just outside Dwinelle. All we have to say is … we didn’t know anyone was saying the UC was a brand? Except for maybe those nice folks at UCMeP

Image Source: Work It Berk

Looks like ASUC Attorney General Kevin Gibson finally found it in himself to bring much bureaucracy and paperwork down upon Noah Stern. The AG submitted three different charge sheets to the Judicial Council which include allegations of campaigning in the dorms, voter fraud and (horror of horrors!) spamming students during election season.

The J-Council will decide tonight whether to accept the charges—and if they are accepted, odds are they will reconvene later to decide what will happen to Noah.

UPDATE: The Judicial Council has accepted all three of the sheets. Thanks, GoBears!

Image Source: Brymo under Creative Commons
Election Violation Charges Filed Against ASUC President-Elect Noah Stern [Daily Cal]

... and the bartender goes, "what is this, a joke!?"

We came across this Facebook group earlier today, which reminded us of an earlier post on the same subject. Somehow we think it’s part of the college culture for students to write down their professors’ noteworthy quotes.

Some highlights from the group:

‘What is the purpose of the dwarf in The Faerie Queene you may ask…to carry the luggage’ read more »

Spotted on the ground floor of Eshleman Hall, posted on the door leading to the garage/basement.

Image Source: Evante Garza-Licudine

Not many people think of museums when they think of Berkeley, and yet there’s such a wide variety both on and near campus that it’d be a shame not to at least consider going to every one you can. In that case, let us present to you a few of our favorite Berkeley museums.

Essig Museum of Entomology—3003 VLSB
Open to the public only twice a year—Darwin Day and Cal Day—this museum may be more research-oriented (OK, a lot more research-oriented) but it still has a surprising amount in it despite the space that makes it difficult for tours. If you’ve ever wanted to see butterflies as big as your face or giant scorpions preserved in jars of fluid, this is your stop. Free to the public. read more »

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