He goes by Bernie, just Bernie. He is a 50-something year old man who grows Gravestein apples in Anderson, California. To the Berkeley Farmer’s Market each week he trucks crates of the wondrous fruit and bottles home-brewed ruddy, autumnal juices and vinegar derived from them. Some of his apple trees are a century old. His philosophy is simple, “To get good apples you need to take care of the trees.”
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Let's go fishing

Now that the first wave of midterms is over, you and your friends might want to get away from college life for a day or two. Oakland and San Francisco are the likely destinations to the east, though there is a more humble escape to the west along the Marina — the scenic, sea-breezy pier. read more »

Everyone has a dream of owning their own red convertible. However the red convertible we saw parked on Euclid and Ridge looked like it just drove out of one. read more »

Image source: Joshua Escobar, the Daily Cal


Looking directly into the lens of the camera, Ricardo Lagos condemned Augusto Pinochet, the dictator of Chile, in a cool impassioned speech on live national television during a time when the word ‘dictator’ was censored. Earlier in Chile people who spoke out against Pinochet were imprisoned, murdered and exiled – or in some cases exiled then murdered. Through relentless organizing, campaigning and planning, Ricardo Lagos helped Chileans overthrow Pinochet peaceful and democratically. A term afterwards, he served as President of Chile from 2000 to 2006.

A few weeks ago Professor Shaiken, Chair of the Center for Latin American Studies, hosted former President Lagos when he visited UC Berkeley.

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When the need for romance burns through the cloak of night and into the great outdoors, it may not be a bad idea to remove yourself from society by going up to the Berkeley fire trails.

Imagine, you are at the beginning of the trail off of Centennial Drive and you need loving. But where? The winding path has no few visible off shoots, and the few thin quick and slope. People on the facing hills probably can see you. All the trees around you do not provide enough cover for woopie. Maybe it’s because some are Eucalyptus trees which throw down oily leaves like someone with four aces, preventing many other types of vegetation from read more »

EvQKRRHF6Dpc4x0Nhs0rtPoqDEMYTyK8MyvKh75vu0QzhSsyJFLtWsw_iPLcxwIfN_B1MISXr6gToday we logged all the things that were on the sidewalk that were not concrete, and a few things we remember once seeing.

This is how we break it down:

Tire marks, rubber soles, crooked cigarettes,

Broken beer bottles, a Racer 5 sticker, a squirrel with criminal intent, read more »

IMG_20120928_142318Some classes in Berkeley enroll everybody and their mothers. So on the first day of lecture you walk in and see every one of the seats filled in the enormous lecture hall, and in the aisles are the trusty GSIs ensuring that everyone takes turns breathing. So, how do you not fall asleep in such a big class? Or turn to Facebook? Or be enamored by all the attractive people?

Answer: By getting your Shakira on.

In the class, the Southern Border — a course on US-Mexico relations — movies, songs and pictures are worked into the lecture. One day we turned off the lights and listened to a song by American badass Liam  Neeson. Another day we watched the Presidential Campaign ads from  Mexico — pure comedy, like ours. On another we saw photos of the professors of the course, Harley Shaiken and Beatriz Manz advising Nancy Pelosi and Vicente Fox. Still, these things are super interesting, but how can such a crowded course possibly be cozy?

Answer: Cine Encore.

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