With the bloody-knuckled, pouty-lipped, Hot Topic-clad swag of your angsty fourteen-year-old sister, actress Morgan Weed has dragged “American Idiot” producers into a nasty little lawsuit for alleged identity distortion in the show’s promo campaign.

Weed, a former swing and understudy for “Whatsername” during the pre-Broadway run at Berkeley Rep, is “demanding compensatory and punitive damages” in addition to a slice of the show’s financial yields to compensate for all the tormented nights of anguish she spent thinking about the destructive force her two seconds of screen time in this studio recording of “21 Guns” will have on her fledgling career in regional theatre.

Image Source: Jeff under Creative Commons
Theatre Actress Sues Over Green Day Musical Promo [abc news]


Riding our bike through Downtown Berkeley yesterday, stocking up on fresh edible flowers at the Farmer’s Market, we stumbled upon the annual Pagan Festival at MLK Civic Center park. Babies (not to be confused with the newly released documentary “Babies“) and their whacky Druid parents seemed to be having a grand old time. See evidence of Pagan Baby conversions after the jump. read more »

A congregation of bunny hopping, chicken dancing, brown-bagging, denim-on-denim-wearing college kids and their mopey girlfriends gathered at Book Zoo last night for The Gutenberg’s mid-release party. Their humble objective? To “provide an alternative journalistic venue dedicated to re-establishing a tradition of integrity and enthusiasm—eradicating the scourge of apathy in Berkeley’s current print culture.” Whew.

Student readings ranged from a blithe Kerouacian account of one boy’s brush with death at the hands of a Craigslist rideshare, Barret Baumgart’s reconciliation of “the books in our back pockets with the shit on our plates,” and a another boy’s stick-it-to-the-Gay-avenger diatribe entitled “There Will Be Blood … and Glitter.” Made us wanna be a Sedaris.

Two local bands played sets. Folk rock outfit Yellow Souls seamlessly wove the word “oscillate” into their lyrics several times, though we still think “seesaw” is a more effective way to convey the same verb. Glass Cake was great too, but we’re suckers for quartets of tank-topped boys accompanying biting, angry female frontwomen. Glass Cake frontwoman, we don’t know your name, but damn you’ve got some pipes.

In other news, go to Book Zoo and buy some goddamn books. The Clog scored three hardback volumes of Proust for ten bucks. Just saying.

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After serving the University of California, Berkeley for 136 years, we regret to inform you that our trusty printing press has died at the internet’s mercy.

Upon the printing plant’s closure, an approximate 40 jobs will be axed and outsourced to soul-sucking corporations with large claws and menacing barracuda teeth.

Image Source: Metro Library and Archive under Creative Commons
UC Berkeley To Shut Down Printing Press [cbs5]

Armed with fluency in Italian and an oddball passion for “sovereign immunity law,” Berkeleyite Jeffrey Lena has fast become the Vatican’s legal poster boy. Lena will soon defend Benedict XVI’s honor before the Supreme Court as the Holy See continues to be slammed by law suits: sex, copyright and Nazi sympathizer scandals aplenty.

While the exact location of his Berkeley firm remains under wraps, keep your eyes peeled for a man in a funny hat saying Hail Marys in the Gourmet Ghetto. Ten bucks says he’s got his Prius pimped out with a Sistine Chapel mural.

Image Source: RTSS under Creative Commons
Jeffery S. Lena: Lawyer at center of Vatican storm [Berkeleyside]


So we were on our way to Yoga to the People the other night, and … what? Yeah we do yoga. The Clog’s gotta stay limber, yo. Anyway, we were on our way to breathe our troubles away in Warrior III, when we stumbled upon this troubling sign. “Free. Free Personality Analysis.” With an arrow pointing straight into the “Church of Scientology Berkeley Mission.”

Any L. Ron Hubbard fanboys out there care to enlighten us? If not, we’ll be forced to attend a “Hubbard Dianetics Seminar” out of sheer, unabashed curiosity. That’s a threat.

Image Source: Kate Mitchell
Earlier: Magical Transfer Station to Narnia

We’re not quite sure how to break this to you guys, so we’ll just lay it on you: UC Davis students Henry Nguyen and Josue Melendez are facing charges for abusing hamsters. In addition to battery and torture via cigarette lighter, the criminal report notes that the suspects supposedly struck the rodent(s) in question with a ruler, “flung it across the room, and put the animal in a cup and lit the bottom of the cup on fire.”

The boys (allegedly) videotaped the whole ordeal and posted it on Facebook.

So much for our distilled, utopian vision of Davis as a pastoral land of kind aspiring vets and sheep midwives enjoying harmonious residence together in barnyard co-ops.

Image Source: Yukari* under Creative Commons
UC Davis Students Arrested for Torturing Hamsters [SFist]

In observance of improving sustainable business, the state of the humpback whale and recycling all those uranium isotopes you have stuffed in your apartment’s washer/dryer unit, your friendly neighborhood Buffalo Exchange is having a dollar sale.

It’s going down tomorrow, April 24 from 11 a.m. to 8 p.m. All proceeds from dollar items will go directly to the Human Society’s “Don’t Trash Wildlife” campaign. Neat. And trust us, behind the pleather and the ragged loin cloths abandoned after last year’s Burning Man, there are treasures to be found at Berkeley Buffalo Exchange. Especially if you’re in the market for off-season clothing items. Boots and half trenches anyone?

Image Source: zenobia_joy under Creative Commons
Save Wildlife From Trash! Dollar Day Sale for Earth Day [Buffalo Exchange]


Former kosher butcher and Berkeley J-School alumnus Jon Mooallem gayed it up last week on “The Colbert Report.” His recent article in the New York Times Magazine entitled “Can Animals Be Gay?” chronicles the homosexual advances observed in some 450 nonhuman species. We’re talking lesbian albatrosses. Er … Lesbatrosses? Albatresbians? Female koalas shacking up. Male dolphins, you know, sipping Cosmos in the Castro dressed like Lady Gaga.

Despite identifying as a straight human himself, Mooallem’s article offers a provocative contribution to queer theory.

Image Source: arimoore under Creative Commons
Colbert Report – Jon Mooallem [Colbert Nation]
Can Animals Be Gay? [NY Times]

Come July 1, rent for legendary “straight edge” East Bay venue 924 Gilman will be scaled up almost three grand. That’s an extra 31 grand a year. Well shoot, landlord. That’s not very punk of you.

Gilman is offering merch for kindhearted philanthropists willing to throw down $25 dollars or more for the cause. If there are any old Billie Joe Armstrong cassettes rattling in your sock drawer, it’s safe to say you owe these guys a buck or two. Help them make ends meet.

Image Source: wikimedia under Creative Commons
924 Gilman’s Future in Jeopardy? [East Bay Express]

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