WFIf you’re bummed about missing Will Ferrell’s visit Monday night … you should be. The hilarious actor joked his way through students’ questions after an early viewing of his upcoming film, Casa de mi Padre.

We’ll let you make the judgment on the film, but we will say that Will Ferrell speaking completely in Spanish (not to mention singing in Spanish) is entertainment in itself. When asked about his spanish, Ferrell commented, “I consider myself an honorary Mexican. That means I’ll be deported any minute now.”

The comedian presents himself very much like he does in his movies. When a student asked if Ferrell would appear at his comedy show for an over the pants handjob, the actor responded, “Fantastic question. There is nothing more relaxing on a hot summer day than an over the pants hand job.” This was followed by a tentative “yes,” to the question.

Here are some other highlights of the Q & A section: read more »

perThis Friday, March 2, the ASUC will be hosting “Perspectives” from 7 to 10 p.m. in Zellerbach Hall. What is this, “Perspectives” you ask?

“It’s a multicultural showcase which brings together groups from various communities on our campus,” said junior and Chief of Staff, Mia Hodge, who is helping put together the event. “Sixteen groups will be performing including the Golden Overtones, Cal Jazz band, Jericho, Cal Slam and the Human Journal. Also performing is an assortment of a cappella and dance groups including Azaad, Dil Se and For Christ’s Sake.”

Basically, we’re getting that it’s a talent show like we used to have in the good old days, only a bit more diversified.

Coordinators expect it to be a high energy evening as performing groups vary in talents from poetry reading to dance to comedy. read more »

psychicWhether you’re an astrologist or just think the whole psychic thing is nonsensical, it’s hard to deny that psychics are good entertainment. If in fact you are in the mood for a little spiritual twist (or a laugh), Hippie Gypsy Cafe, located on Shattuck Avenue,  will be hosting a Tarot and Telepathy display tonight from 6:30-8:30 p.m.

Owner Mary Dirks describes her cafe as, “relaxed and cheerful,” and is looking forward to tonight’s performer. ”He’s an intuitionist named Courtney Kolb and will be doing tarot readings, aurora readings and numerology,” said Dirks. read more »

LokuHave you ever looked forward to Friday night all week long only to realize you don’t actually have any plans on Friday? Instead of feeling sorry for yourself and your loner-hood, let Loku make plans for you.

Okay, that’s a bit of an exaggeration. Loku doesn’t actually make plans for you, but it does tell you everything that’s going on locally that you would be interested in. How does it know what you’re interested in, you ask?

The website asks you to enter your personal preferences. Taking your age, gender and place of residence into account, it can generate some basic local activities that may interest you. However, it also asks you to rank your personality traits to better determine your interests. Additionally you can check off if you want to hear about food and drink, culture, local buys, events or latest happenings to customize your guide. read more »

A Liberal BiasA recent study conducted by Christopher Cardiff and Daniel Klein reveals a political bias among professors of different California universities. The researching duo collected data from 11 colleges which provided a diverse range of geographies and school types.

The selected campuses included Santa Clara University, University of San Diego, Point Loma Nazarene University and Pepperdine University, all of which have a religious affiliation. In addition, Claremont McKenna College, San Diego State University, California Institute of Technology, UCSD, UC Berkeley, UCLA and Stanfurd were also taken into account, as they were deemed a fine mixture of public and private research schools.

The researchers acquired data regarding the political affiliation of professors at the stated schools and presented a Democrat to Republican ratio for each campus. For example, a ratio of 3 would mean that there are three times as many democrats as republicans.

The results of the study were shocking. Are you ready? read more »

Remember when bumper stickers were hot on Facebook? Well, they’re not anymore because Mark Zuckerberg keeps changing the design. However, what are becoming popular on the internet are memes. As you all know, memes are just an easy way to express your everyday snarky thoughts via pictorial form. The best part is that one face can virtually describe thousands of cynical observations! Luckily, we have a little bit of a selection when choosing a meme picture. You have your awkward penguin, first world problems, college freshmen and hey, remember the college republican memes, featuring our very own Cal student? We’re so proud.

Speaking of college memes, perhaps you noticed the recent explosion of college groups dedicated to creating these memes online. Since these college groups are getting an accelerated number of “likes,” we at the Clog thought we would browse through some memes provided by other UC campuses. Unfortunately, we don’t actually understand the inside jokes other schools have. If anyone happens to understand this sucker found on the UC Davis Memes Facebook page (or this one on the UCSC page), let us know.

Anyhow, we decided to stick with what we know best … UC Berkeley. Here are some of our meme creations:

meme 8


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studentIf you’ve met someone who claims he or she received a relatively low score on their SATs, but was still admitted to our very own University of California, Berkeley, you may have met the exception student. An exception student is someone who does not meet the minimum requirements of the university but is still offered admission, regardless.

Every year, UC campuses admit thousands of students who do not meet the requirements and recent findings show that the rate of these exception students is only increasing. UC admission offices are restricted to admitting 6 percent of exception students each year as some believe that students should not be defined solely by their test scores, grades and classes. read more »

007It seems like Telegraph is popping out new hot spots like octomom these days. In addition to The Toaster Oven, Pappy’s Grill has opened where the beloved Blake’s previously stood. Pappy’s carries reasonably priced burgers ($5.99 for a classic) and has some similarity to ESPNzone restaurants. The joint has 8 big monitors showing various sporting events simultaneously, including a 17.5 foot screen, for a fan-friendly environment.

Third-year and Pappy’s employee Kayla Love informed us that, “This is a healthy option for customers because the food is organic and the spices are all freshly ground.” Love also feels that Pappy’s is ideal for students because of the fast service and ability to, “get a pitcher of beer and play pool.”

Another worker informed us that in addition to the pool tables and DJ on Thursday, Friday and Saturday nights, “there is also a load-bearing pole … obviously, for structural purposes.”

Downstairs, Pappy’s has a bar scene much like the nearby competitor, Kip’s. read more »

040Don’t you love when you’re just sitting there spacing out in chemistry lecture and a cat jumps up onto a desk? We do.

Freshman Sandon Griffin, the owner of the cat, proceeded to take out his spray bottle to give his kitten water and feed it. “He’s 9 weeks old so I thought he was too young to leave at home,” said Griffin. If you were wondering, the cat’s name is Mr. McGrizz.

This wasn’t the only strange item the Clog observed in lecture halls today. read more »

010Ahh, December. Finals are over, students are heading home with Christmas cheer … and Occupy Berkeley protesters are still filming clashes with the police. If you thought the initial baton or pepper spray incidents were dramatic, you’ll probably want to see this. The video was taken a little after midnight on Thursday morning as police tried to keep protesters clear of a public works truck.

Protesters had been trying to jump onto the public works truck in order to retrieve their previously confiscated materials. They managed to pull out a duffle bag and traffic cone among other small things from the truck before the authorities got to them. The police then allegedly took severe means to keep the protesters at bay with their batons as several people could be seen with small cuts and bruises. read more »

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