If you’re like us, your Facebooks are just clogged (see what we did there?) with people updating their turkey day activities. This Thanksgiving, we decided to find out what students lounging around Sproul Plaza were thankful for. From their butlers to croissants to sustainable Cheerios notebooks, we heard just about everything, so sit back and enjoy this clip.

As for the Clog, we’re  thankful for you guys, our faithful readers!

Go BearsIn all this Occupy chaos, we hope you haven’t forgotten what really matters — it’s Big Game week! What better way is there to shamelessly encourage school spirit than … a comedy show? At first, a comedy show doesn’t seem to be so “pep n’ go” but it’s actually a great excuse to take stabs at our beloved transbay trees  (no, your mascot is not a cardinal, it’s a damn tree … kind of). And so, the Clog took some time to attend Laugh Your Axe Off.

The California Golden Overtones and UC Men’s Octet both made appearances, but it probably wasn’t what you’re used to hearing from them. The Men’s Octet sang a song called, “Stanford Girls,” to the tune of Billy Joel’s “Uptown Girls,” but inserted lines like, ” Stanford girls look just like Berkeley squirrels,” “God, she smells like sh**” and  … “whores.” Yet, they somehow sounded classy the entire time. read more »

As an observer, one of the most entertaining part of a protest are the signs, whether they are clever or just hilariously misspelled. Indeed, one of the signs at today’s protests read, “Politians are dipers.” Excuse me, what are politians, and what are dipers? Oh, you meant to say politicians are diapers … oh. Anyway, here are a few more signs after last week’s onslaught for your enjoyment:


We love our octopuses and all, but what the hell? read more »

nemoBefore you ask what a drug drop box is, think about it, because it’s exactly what it sounds like. A drug drop box is well … a box where people drop off drugs, but why exactly did Berkeley officials decide to create said drop box at the city’s refuse station?

We’ve all seen the movies where ex-druggies choosing to be reborn decide to flush their stash down the toilet. What we don’t think about is where those drugs go after the initial flush. According to the East Bay Municipal Utilities District, these drugs are being flushed into the bay where they are consumed by fish. Yes, our poor fish are experiencing things they never thought they would. read more »

uc berkeleyIn 2010, UC Berkeley spent nearly $326,000 trying to attract students from all over the globe. The money goes towards travel costs, catering, venues and equipment rental for the events  put on overseas. Additionally, Berkeley spent $23,000 on an advertising campaign through a website called Zinch and $5,800 on a breakfast for college counselors. Hey Berkeley, can we get our name on that breakfast list? read more »

earthquakeWith the onslaught of recent quakes in the bay, it’s only natural for people to start speculating about what’s going to happen these days. Whether it’s our very own Yoshua or professors falsely predicting a 6.0 and then confessing they pulled that prediction out of … nowhere, there’s no tuning out the quake talk — but what’s real and what are just myths?

Well, to start, there is actually no evidence of a large earthquake hitting the Berkeley area immediately despite a viral email saying it will come in the next few weeks. Geologists can’t exactly predict earthquakes but many believe that the chances of a major one hitting in the next 30 years is 67 percent in the Bay Area and 60 percent in Southern California.

Regardless of this vague estimate, here are a few myths about earthquakes that have been debunked:

California will fall into the sea: False, but there could be landslides that change the shape of the coastline. read more »

cerealIf the Clog were to ask you the top three reasons you miss home, we’re willing to bet that one of those reasons includes food. And what food could make you more nostalgic for home (and your childhood) than Cocoa Puffs and Lucky Charms? If you are indeed part of the Saturday morning cartoons-and-colorful-cereal gang (also try to say that three times fast), we have good news!

Cafe Yesterday not only serves all kinds of funky cereal, you can also top it off with chocolate chips, cookies, gummy bears and whipped cream among other things. We’re guessing your mom never let you do that. read more »

engineerIt’s no surprise that a guy trying to get a date with a girl in his engineering class has a whole lot of competition. “Good luck getting to the three girls in the entire auditorium,” says one student. Though females comprise a little more than half the students at UC Berkeley, only 23 percent of its College of Engineering are female, with individual programs (such as mechanical engineering) having as low as 15 percent enrollment for women.

One female student, Cassie Parkos, speaks about how hard it is to be an engineer, saying she gets whistled at, asked out and made an object of sexist jokes instead of being taken seriously. Evidently, the jokes are not just from male colleagues, but male professors as well. One instructor supposedly remarked that women in Saudi Arabia cannot drive … and probably should not, drawing attention to the few female students in the class, including Parkos. Don’t you just love supportive professors? read more »

dia de los muertosIf you’ve ever so much as taken a Spanish class, you are well-aware of Dia de los Muertos, also known as the Day of the Dead. The Mexican holiday celebrates those who have passed on, every year, on Nov. 1 and 2. That means those of you suffering from post-Halloween blues have an excuse to celebrate for a couple of extra days.

Festivities for Dia de los Muertos will be held at the Gourmet Ghetto Wednesday from 5-9 p.m. on Shattuck Avenue. Among other things the event will have: face painting, a beer and wine stand, a community altar and craft stalls. Specifically, there will be read more »

AAThe prevalence of drinking on a college campus isn’t exactly breaking news. In fact, some go as far as to call this alcohol-consuming lifestyle part of the college culture. While many universities have accepted this, others such as the University of Wisconsin-Madison take the issue more seriously.

As of this semester, university officials are fining students for underage drinking, which the students will have to pay out of their pockets. The fine consists of a payment to the local police department ($263.50) and “substance-abuse counseling” which costs $78 for two group sessions or $200 for two personal sessions (because students might want extra attention for their alleged “substance-abuse problem”). We don’t know about y’all, but we sure as hell don’t have $400 just lying around in case of an emergency alcohol violation. read more »

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