031If there had to be a communist store somewhere, it would be right here in Berkeley. Revolution Books, (located next to Cheese ‘n’ Stuff) tries to fight the injustices of the world via communism.  ”This is something that can help people understand what the system’s all about. One of the ways we try to form a movement for revolution is through our newspaper,” says employee Gina. The newspaper (pictured) addresses issues such as prison reform, marijuana laws and police brutality. read more »

beer pongWhat do college students Google? We’d imagine a lot: student loans, academic probation, scholarships or perhaps GPA. Well, almost. According to one investigation, students tend to Google what they seek in their college experience. The facts speak for themselves – “beer pong” is searched nearly 14 times as much as “college admissions.”

Partying is definitely a priority in trends with “beer pong” receiving 60,500 hits per month, followed by “flip cup,” “keg stand” and — wait for it — “We’re going streaking through the quad” with 140 global monthly searches. The search, “top party schools” receives 8,100 Google searches in a given month with “Penn State,” “ASU” and “UCSB”  arising most often as Google’s insightful response.

Top food-related searches include, “campus food,” “dining hall,” “campus delivery” and “chinese food college station.” The most Googled dining halls include those at UCLA, University of Michigan, Rutgers University and University of Washington.

Interestingly, “academic probation” is searched twice as much as “College GPA” and “student loans” gets 56 times more monthly searches than  ”college tuition.” After all, college isn’t exactly a cheap date. [See budget cut protests].

Image source: gojeffrey under Creative Commons
College, according to keywords [The Degree 360]

facebookHow many times have you heard someone say that they’re just “stalking their ex on Facebook?”

We’re guessing quite a few.

Researchers recently studied over 300 undergraduate students to find out if Facebook sparks jealousy in romantic relationships. About 75 percent of participants were “at least somewhat likely” to be Facebook friends with an ex-boyfriend or ex-girlfriend, while just about 79 percent of participants were aware that their current partner is friends with a former flame.

The study found that women spend more time on the site than men (41 minutes per day, as opposed to a mere 30 minutes) and also ranked significantly higher on what we’ll call “the Facebook jealousy index.”

Here are a few reasons the researchers think Facebook is correlated with jealousy: read more »

car crashDon’t you hate when you’re getting a haircut and a car plows right through your hair salon? This customer certainly did.

On Saturday afternoon, a 10-year-old boy getting his hair cut supposedly sat only five feet from where a car crashed through the glass of the salon.

The accident occurred at The Hair Cut Connection on Euclid Avenue when the driver lost control of her car while parallel parking and drove onto the curb, reportedly destroying trash cans and recycle bins. The car continued read more »

bashfulIf you’ve ever fallen on Sproul, found out you had your skirt tucked into your undergarments or pulled any other equally smooth maneuver, we have good news!

Researchers at UC Berkeley recently conducted studies where they found that people who experienced more mild embarrassment tended to be more pleasant people. We say ‘mild embarrassment’ because a panic attack does not fall under this beneficial category of pleasant personalities.

Studies show that people who get more embarrassed happen to be more trustworthy, generous and more likely to be monogamous. read more »

free speechThe first of this month marked the 47th anniversary of Berkeley’s very own Free Speech Movement.

It started back in 1964 when a graduate student named Jack Weinberg declined to show his identification to campus police while sitting at a booth for the Congress of Racial Equality. As a consequence of his refusal, Weinberg was arrested, sparking the famous movement.

The Free Speech Movement spread nationwide in, hopes of eliminating the rules against political action on college campuses. Today, there is a steel ring encircling a hole on Sproul Plaza to pay respect to the historic event.   read more »

cannabisThe catchy slogan was popularized by the campaign to pass Prop 19 on California’s ballot in 2010. However, it seemed to have died with the proposition as Californians voted not to legalize and thereby regulate marijuana. Obviously, since it is illegal, marijuana is nowhere to be found in Berkeley. Psyche!

Located on San Pablo Avenue, the 40 Acres Medical Marijuana Growers Collective‘s membership has recently accelerated to over 7,000 locals, making it one of the most significant cannabis businesses in the city. Concerns have been raised as read more »

subwayAs college students, people seem to understand the importance of sleep, yet fail to make it a priority. After all, who has time for clubs, a job, intramurals, ahem The Daily Clog, classes and nine hours of z’s?

As we’re sure you’ve heard many times before, sleep deprivation is a leading cause of poor judgment, moodiness and junk food cravings. As if that isn’t bad enough, Dr. Masket from the UC Berkeley Tang Center mentions something he calls the “September Rule.”

According to this, read more »

RogenA comedy about cancer? Coming from now producer, Seth Rogen, we’re not surprised. While the idea of a cancer comedy initially seems strange, upcoming release “50/50″ pulls off the perfect balance between humor and the dark side of illness. The movie is based on writer Will Reiser and Seth Rogen’s experience after they discovered Reiser had cancer.

The real-life friends came to San Francisco to talk about their journey and their new flick. Here’s what they had to say:

Are you worried about being type-casted as the guy whose friend has cancer?

SR: I am worried about it, but I think I’ll do three more movies about that before I’ll call it a limit. I have a few more diseases to hit.

WR: This is a franchise.

SR: Like Lord of the Rings. read more »

credit cardAs we come up on mid-April, also known as the dreaded tax season, adults all over the nation feel the stress of getting their dues in on time. Living on a college campus, we generally don’t see this hubbub of taxy time but it prompted some researchers to wonder: How exactly do college students manage their finances?

Obviously, one of the things that makes college so kick ass is increased freedom in personal decisions. However, this doesn’t necessarily result in better decisions as brain development — an important factor in good decision-making — isn’t complete until the early twenties. So what exactly did these researchers discover about college students’ financial decisions?

One study found that financial behavior worsens as a student progresses through college. While 49 percent of seniors neglected to pay their credit-card balances, only 29 percent of freshman failed to do the same thing. Additionally, seniors were far more likely to report credit card debt than freshmen (78 percent of seniors compared to 49 percent of freshman to be exact). Despite the grim statistics, students are still more likely to write good checks and pay bills on time than they are to budget their money or balance a checkbook. Well, at least there’s some good news.

Image Source: liewcf under Creative Commons

College Students’ Financial Literacy and Behavior [Psychology Today]

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