falling debrisOkay now, what is it again?

Stop, drop and roll?

Stop, drop and run?

If you were one of the several cool kids who refused to participate in today’s earthquake drill when the sirens blared at 10:20 this morning, you may have just experienced a rude awakening from Mother Earth.

According to the U.S. Geological Survey, a 4.0 earthquake struck Berkeley at 2:41 p.m. today, Thursday, Oct. 20. The quake was centered below the Clark Kerr Campus. (In July, a 3.3 earthquake was located in the same area.)

So far,there are no reports of damage … other than ego.

While the tremor was pretty mild, this may just be a sign of read more »

DSC00229Yes, this is a campus building crawl. Why would we do a building crawl, you ask? Because you, like us, are hopeless when it comes to following through on the promise you made to yourself at the beginning of the semester: finally exploring the campus and seeing all of the interesting goodies it has to offer … including its buildings.

Sure you’ve hung out with dinosaurs in the Valley Life Sciences Building or stood atop Wheeler Hall with some friends until dusk, but have you ever smoked a cigarette witnessed a heart-stopping sunset from one of the balconies in Eshleman Hall or had a nervous breakdown because you couldn’t find your way out of Dwinelle? Well, after reading this, read more »


STOP! … Now look around.

Whether you’re in a dorm room, at a café, in a lecture hall, awkwardly standing in the middle of Sproul Plaza because we told you to stop (you can move now), the signature products he invented are visible anywhere you look.

Think of the many times you’ve walked by a person this week and noticed the trademark white headphones glued to their ears. Think of the many envious glares you’ve given the people you see chatting on their iPhone 4 or blissfully playing a game of Angry Birds on their iPads. Most importantly, however, think about the device you’re using to read this post or the one you used when you heard the tragic news. Is it an iMac? A MacBook Pro? Even it isn’t a Mac, virtually every single product that Steve Jobs and company created read more »

free speechAs we mentioned before, last weekend, we ventured off into Southern California to escape the pressures of midterms and looming, sugary protests. It just so happens that Berkeley, while physically 400 miles away, remained with us in spirit and … utility boxes.

While heading to Old Town Pasadena for an evening of unspeakable debauchery, we just so happened to observe a bright blue box with a large photo of something that looked oddly familiar. Forgetting that this wasn’t Berkeley and we can’t do whatever the hell we want, we made a highly illegal U-turn and pulled up in front of the box. Lo and behold, Sather Gate stood right before our eyes.

The iconic photo of Mario Savio, leading a large group of protesters during the 1960’s Free Speech Movement (shit, these days, we can’t get that many protesters out for free sweets, much less for free speech), was plastered read more »

helmetYou’re at UC Berkeley, which basically means that — with the exception of a few of you — you’re absolutely f*cking brilliant. In understanding that it’s vital for you genius daredevils to protect those marvelous little noggins, the city of Berkeley is offering free helmets to any resident who needs one.

As part of the city’s Public Health Division, the Injury Prevention Program that’s sponsoring the giveaway is aiming to reduce unintentional injuries related to bicycle and pedestrian collisions for children in Berkeley. (Note: You don’t have to be a child to receive a helmet.)

Therefore, “children,” if you’re one of those helmet-less guys and gals who read more »

3030939_a9883342b7This past weekend, while many of you suckers beloved readers were calling Main Stacks home and knee-deep in midterm studying (can someone please explain to us why professors call ‘em “midterms” when we’re only five weeks into the semester?), the Clog took an excursion down south to enjoy the beautiful, polluted auburn skies/beach water of Los Angeles, California.

And, in realizing that our then No. 1 Cal women’s volleyball team would be battling Pac-12 adversaries USC and UCLA on consecutive nights, we figured we’d take advantage of the opportunity to celebrate a couple of victories in enemy territory.

Of course, the gods recognized our arrogant thought process and threw a wrench in our plans.

In 13 games, the Bears had only lost read more »

smoke that shit

It’s no secret that the people of Berkeley — or as we like to call our adoptive city, “Luttel Amsterdam” (it’s Dutch for “little” so no corrections, English majors!) — love to partake in occasional doses of Cannabis sativa — or as the cool kids like to call it nowadays, “Marijuana.” Take too many strolls down Telegraph Avenue or Downtown Berkeley and we’re almost positive you’ve got no chance of passing your next drug test. And, given that officials seem completely nonchalant about it, why don’t we just finally make like a Dutch tree and smoke leaves. Get it? … No? … Was it that bad? … Okay, we apologize for that.

Robert MacCoun, professor of law and policy at UC Berkeley, has carried out a new study about the regulation of marijuana in the Netherlands and whether the United States would benefit from a similar system.

According to the Huffington Post, coffee shops in the Netherlands are allowed to sell limited amounts of marijuana to adults over the age of 18. Although the Dutch law still declares marijuana an illegal substance, it also prohibits officials from taking action against the coffee shop vendors or customers.

MacCoun explains that the Dutch system is read more »


Since November 12, 2010, the final game that Alex Morgan would ever play in a Bears uniform, many predicted (you know who you are) that the Cal women’s soccer team would be mediocre at best without their stunning offensive player.

Morgan — who became a soccer star with her fantastic play with the U.S. national team at this summer’s Women’s World Cup — led the team in scoring in each of her four years and is third all-time in points (107) and goals (45) in school history. During her final season in 2010, she played in only 12 games but still scored 14 goals. The second leading-scorer on the team, Lauren Battung, had seven goals in 18 games played. Therefore, the feeling of skepticism wasn’t completely uncalled for.

The Bears, however, determined to make fans out of the naysayers, have started the season strong read more »

My pet goatMichael Moore — award-winning documentarian/New York Times bestselling author/highly-outspoken-social-activist/overall-awesome-human-being — will be coming to UC Berkeley’s Wheeler Hall this evening.

The genius behind “Sicko,” “Bowling For Columbine” and “Fahrenheit 9/11,” (all Clog favorites) will be discussing and signing his new book, “Here Comes Trouble.”

The discussion takes place at 8 p.m. Tickets are still available online only, and are priced at a measly $5 for students and $7 for the general public (plus a $1 order fee).

No word yet on whether he’ll be reading from the classic, “My Pet Goat.”

Image Source: Brave New Films under Creative Commons
UC Berkeley Events [site]

mmm... cheeseboard

Choosing a university based on “college rankings” is so last year. Equally important things — i.e. amazing food, location, delectable eateries, weather, scrumptious restaurants etc. — must be considered. This is why the fabulous foodies at “The Daily Meal” have compiled a list of 10 College Towns with the Best Food.

Guess which rad university made the list? Go on, guess.

Some of you noobs may not realize it yet, but there are plenty of places in Berkeley that not only have edible food (which is more than we can say about some of the spots surrounding the campus), but extravagant food.

The restaurants mentioned on the list include read more »

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