Next Friday starts Cal’s 2012 Move-In/Welcome Week, and for about 400 sophomore and upper-division students that means being the first people to live in the brand new Maximo Martinez Commons Residence Hall. read more »


While Memorial Stadium is getting ready to debut its sparkly new self this fall, some people are polishing up the bits it shed along the way to sell to the public. read more »

They could use this up and down Telegraph. Don’t you think?


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A little bad luck never hurt anybody on Friday the thirteenth, until they met The Clog. We asked random people on Sproul random questions and got random answers. Enjoy!

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Viewer discretion advised – profane language and adult situations


Maybe Sather Gate should get sponsored by Apple?

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Click on the link here to watch the Star Wars version of Call Me Maybe , the song by the ever so talented Carly Rae Jepsen. May the Bubblegum Pop Force be with you!

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Campus MAP

It’s summer and you don’t want to spend all your time living in the library. We complied a short list of the best outdoor study places on campus. Each colored dot signifies the location of a photo that has a matching color border (below) so you too can enjoy the sun this summer. Also, remember to breathe in lots of fresh air! read more »


Within these ropes lies the only fresh air in all of Berkeley. Breath deeply and don’t exhale till you get back to your room. What does this sign even mean!?

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Summer living arrangements can be stressful: moving into new housing, rooming with new roommates, and dealing with the weird subletter down the hall. Despite new arrangements there is always one problem that haunts college students wherever they go — CLEANING!

If you are struggling to keep your summer living situation tidy and can’t seem to make your cleaning chores as fun as a Disney Princess’, look no further, here are some quick tips to get your college cleaning on! read more »

Jeff Davis and the Carillon

Jeff Davis and the Carillon

It’s 11:30 a.m. on a Monday, and Jeff Davis is getting ready to play his second concert of the day to his audience nearly 300 feet below him.

Jeff is Cal’s University Carillonist and is responsible for most of the compositions heard from the Campanile. For those who do not know, a carillonist plays a carillon, which is a keyboard-like instrument attached to a variety of bells to create music.

We sat down with Jeff in his Sather Tower office to get the inside scoop on the man who makes life at Cal just a little bit more in tune. read more »

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