Do you love to troll? Are you one of those people who blog anonymously about things you hate? Well, watch your words because Berkeley and Stanford researchers suddenly made it a lot easier to find people like you (with some fine print as well).

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vita party
Remember when there was rumors of a new Playstation handheld back in January? Well, now the Vita is here, and here’s your chance to win a free one!

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Still rockin’ a Nintendo Gameboy of some kind? Well, Sony wants you to ditch your outdated Game Boy (though we find that debatable) and hop on its latest handheld, the PlayStation Vita … when it eventually hits America.

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Good – no, great– news: gossiping is now a positive thing!

Sounds too good to be true? You’re correct to some degree. It isn’t the sort of gossiping that might come to mind at first. By that sort of gossiping we mean when people trash-talk others in order to defame the victim(s) or – and let’s all be quite honest here – unsuccessfully attempt to feel better about themselves by elevating their own wonderful, brilliant characteristics … only then to have the temporary effects of loving themselves fade and be left still unhappy.

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sleepSo, according to scientists, humans spend about one-third of their lives merely sleeping.

Sure doesn’t feel like it with finals coming up.

We students are all dragging ourselves to those study sessions and groups, occupying libraries, falling asleep over our dining commons food – anything to remove ourselves far far far away from our soft beds with our favorite comforter and squishy pillows and and our fantasies kissing Joseph Gordon-Levitt/Adriana Lima (take your pick) and … and …

Ah, it’s so easy to drone on about our relationships with sleep (and the ones we imagine about while doing so). And for very good reason.

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We’ve mentioned before how science fascinated many during their childhood. Who wasn’t awed by the adventures of Ms. Frizzle? Thankfully, Cal is not only a place for us (now) bitter and jaded college students; the Lawrence Hall of Science offers various exhibitions to further cultivate children’s delight in the sciences. Although we at The Daily Clog are a good 10 years over the intended demographic group, we decided to take a trip up to the LHS planetarium. And why not? We were probably going to spend that that time re-watching episodes of  “30 Rock” over and over again, anyway. read more »

Hey man. I see you putting your earphones on

Hey man. I see you putting your earphones on ...

You may remember a post we made about a study that concluded that bashful people tend to be more trustworthy and kind than others. Well, it may be that such trustworthy behavior is based, to an extent, on genetics.

Two dozen couples participated in a recent study from UC Berkeley led by Aleksandr Kogan where each couple was recorded as they talked to each other about difficult experiences they went through. Each partner would take turns to talk about their times of suffering or simply listen. Only when a partner was “listening” would they be filmed.

A separate group of participants, unrelated to any of the couples, then watched 20 second video clips of each “listener” and were asked to fill out a survey in which they rated who appeared to be the most empathetic and trustworthy. read more »


We are sure that every Cal student has had a moment where they embarrassed themselves in front of their peers on campus. Fell down the stairs in Wheeler? Said something woefully dumb in your discussion section? We’ve all been there.

It’s not all that bad though. A recent UC Berkeley study published online in the Journal of Personality and Social Psychology concludes that often feeling embarrassed may be an indicator of good character in an individual. read more »

Say good-bye

Say good-bye

Anyone who has gotten a visit of Security Systems 2011 on their computer knows how annoying and potentially devastating malware viruses can be. Unfortunately, Cal researchers Adrienne Porter Felt, Matthew Finifter, Erika Chin, Steve Hanna and David Wagner conclude that malware is spreading to mobile phones and will eventually “rival the desktop malware landscape.”

In their study entitled “A Survey of Mobile Malware in the Wild,” the research team analyzed the “incentives” behind 46 pieces of iOS, Android and Symbian malware that spread between January 2009 and June 2011. read more »

In terms of Wikipedia updates that is, according to a 2010 study investigating the question of who is involved with writing the popular, if not entirely reliable, online encyclopedia (check out the first sentence of the photo below).

wikipedia article

The 2010 study seemed a little … how should we say it … elementary. But a more recent study by UC Berkeley’s School of Information — more commonly known as the I School — is delving deeper into this difference between contributions from men and contributions from women, which people have called “a gender gap,” based on a greater variety of factors.

Now, the male population is probably feeling some pride in knowing that, based on the 2010 study, read more »

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