Anxious about election returns? Normally, we’d suggest an optionally alcoholic drinking game, but tonight we’ve declared liberty and bingo for all.

Download and print out special bingo sheets to play along while you frantically watch the states go blue or red. The game is a bit different than your average bingo, and here’s how to play:

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In the style of Sarah Silverman’s Great Schlep, Heather Gold asks all bloggers and geeks to fight Proposition 8, which would eliminate the right of same-sex couples to marry.

It’s kinda long, but worth the wait for the comparison between a lesbian and a geek. Alas, no mention of “douche nozzle.”

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Apparently this presidential election is, like, really important or something. Now even Starbucks will offer freebies to voters on Nov. 4.

Come in to your local Starbucks–there’s one at 2224 Shattuck Avenue and another at Oxford and Center streets–and tell ‘em you voted, and they’ll give you a free coffee. And then don’t forget to pick up your ice cream while you’re on the way to class. Or just go around to all the chains in the area asking for voter freebies.

Image Source: rudolf schuba under Creative Commons
Free Cup of Starbucks Coffee if you Vote on Tuesday [Facebook]
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Sunday Shout-Out picks out the week’s stories that simply slipped our minds.

* Get yer early vote on in case the apocalypse happens on Tuesday.

* Prop. 8 to get voted down? It’s a possibility, and student reaction is mixed but overall hopeful.

* Obama drama! Seriously, why didn’t we cover such a succulent story full of fraud, deception and smashed dreams? (Edit: Oops, we underestimated ourselves. We actually did cover it.)

* What’s your take on Prop. 2/Mexican eggs? You know, there must be reason why they hafta eat them with all that spice and chilies.

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Yesterday the Daily Cal exploded endorsements for the 2008 election, and when we say ‘sploded, we mean it. Below, we’ve transcribed the notable for the Berkeley Ballot, but the Web site has the full list, including all the arguments and justifications. Keep in mind that the Daily Cal also has a directory of voter resources and information on state propositions.

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As if our scene just isn’t popping enough during this spectacular football season, we’ve counted a total of three huge events happening all this weekend. For one thing, current Senator and 2008 presidential election primary candidate Hillary Clinton has decided to drop by on Sunday and throw an old school street fiesta. Her goal: to assist us Cal students in getting crunk while the Bears are out of town.

Of course, Senator Clinton’s list of things to achieve while here probably also involves mobilizing many Bay Area citizens–including the 18-24 set (hey, that’s us!)–out of voter apathy and out of voting for Obama. The block party will celebrate good times on Sunday in nearby Oakland from 4:30-6:30 p.m. and will feature surprise local entertainers. Since it’s Oakland, we’re half-expecting the hyphy movement to show up.

Feel like block party hopping? Competing with Hillary’s appearance on Sunday is the 12th Annual “How Naked Berkeley Can You Be” parade and festival in Civic Center Park. Before that, however, be sure to get your rave on at San Francisco’s 2nd Annual Love Fest this Saturday. It’s modeled after Germany’s Love Parade, so you can expect lots of touching, lots of feeling–and most importantly, lots of ecstasy.

We here at the Clog urge you to take advantage of the randomly abundant celebrations now. Come Halloween, our beloved, violent costume-partying at the Castro may no longer exist.

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