After discovering the latest omen of the world’s coming demise, the Clog encourages Berkeley students to put down their books and enjoy their short-lived time on Earth.

Breaking news everyone: the world record for greatest distance covered by a paper airplane has been SHATTERED by none other than former Cal Quarterback Joe Ayoob. We here at The Daily Clog know exactly what you’re thinking.

“There was a paper airplane record?”

“Who is Joe Ayoob?”

“Breaking news?”

All joking aside, here are the facts: read more »

Robert Reich tells 'em who's boss

Robert Reich tells 'em who's boss

Robert Reich. Whether you know him from Occupy Cal last fall, the Clinton administration, his Wealth and Poverty class, this video or are just a public policy junkie, you have to admit: that man knows how to speak. That may not seem like quite a statement about someone, but really, he can charm a crowd, lead them, make economics interesting and digestible. Did we mention this video? (Seriously, watch it).

So don’t miss out on seeing him tomorrow night, Thurs. Feb. 23 at Pauley Ballroom in MLK Jr. Student Union. He’ll be giving the “3rd Annual Michael Nacht Distinguished Lecture in Politics and Public Policy,” or as it’s less boring-ly called “2012: a Turning Point? If So, Which Way?” Basically, he’ll be telling us our future. read more »


Welcome back!

Ready for a new year of protests, exams, parties, adventures, what have you? Of course not, you’ll just be studying all day and night, right? Right.

2011 might have been a hectic year for you (especially you, freshmen), but 2012 gives us the excuse to turn a new leaf and begin the spring semester with a fresh mind. read more »

Ignore the dim predictions — do like Jay Sean and party like it’s the end of the world.

2012 new year

Or, stick to those New Years’ resolutions and stay in to study like a good Berkeley student. Whether you’re constantly passed out in other peoples’ bathrooms or stuck at your desk going over chemical structures for the 100th time, there are always things to look forward to in the new year.

Here are the Clog’s picks: read more »

Call it this week’s postponement of the apocalypse: recent research by UCSB professor Geraldo Aldana suggests that the infamous date in 2012, said to mark the end of the Mayan civilization’s calendar, could be inaccurate by 50 to 100 years.

The discrepancy is allegedly due to many scholars’ adherence to a specific, fixed numerical value (called the GMT constant) when converting dates between the Mayan calendar and our own. Huh. Sounds like conspiracy to us.

Seeing as the world hasn’t come to an end yet (or maybe it has), it looks like we’ll have to accept the fact that we’ve got at least 50 more years until the apocalypse. Darn. And 2012 was becoming such a convenient excuse not to worry about our plans for after college, too.

Image Source: motleypixel under Creative Commons
2012 Doomsday is Miscalculated, California Professor Says [Epoch Times]


Steven Chu, recipient of the all-powerful NL parking spot, continues to radiate Berkeley sunshine to the world. In a recent interview with NPR, the Nobel Laureate energy secretary (and Cal Bear) invited more Americans to get on the Chu Chu train as it chugs towards a more energy-independent destination.

Chu ain’t no foo’. He’s optimistic about our chances of beating the lurking environmental sh*tstorm, but he’s not “cockeyed.” He cites Newton and others (while standing on their giant metaphorical shoulders), claiming, read more »

A few weeks ago, the Daily Cal reported that this year’s incoming students will be the largest group yet, but the post-apocalyptic classes will be damned if they don’t continue Cal’s 10-year tradition of breaking enrollment records. read more »