To be perfectly blunt, Memorial Glade acquired a pretty pungent aroma this afternoon following the ceremonious arrival of hundreds of students who hit the central campus grass amidst blazing temperatures in joint reverence of … wait, what were we talking about again?

Oh, right: 4/20. While schools like UC Santa Cruz and the University of read more »

umeko_tsuda_at_graduation_1890.jpgIt’s time to start planning! For those of us who still have time left to do here at Berkeley, it means it’s time to check Bearfacts before you miss your Tele-Bears appointment (oh, evil of evils), and it’s probably about time to figure out where you’re going to live next year. But for those lauded elite–graduating seniors–it’s time to stop drinking on weeknights and figure out what’s next.

What does that entail? Well, the Berkeley News Center headed to the Grad Fair to find out “What’s left to do and what’s after Cal?” And for most people they talked to, the answer was school, school, some work, and more school. The majority of students surveyed said they were going to grad school, and saw finals as their last hurdle before they graduate and move on–to a masters. Way to stave off the headfirst plunge into that adult version of Never Neverland, “the real world,” for just a few more years, Seniors.

We wish you the best of luck in your future endeavors, and lots more dollars (and a better economy) for every extra diploma you earn. No, but seriously, we do.

Point of View: Seniors on their Last Weeks at Cal [Berkeley News Center]

You’d think that Craigslist’s casual encounters would be all a-buzz with 4/20 hookups, but it’s so not. Even so, we’ve found enough sticky-icky to last you all weekend long.

Then again, you may be too busy with your girl Mary Jane to even care.

First, there’s Fratboy, who’s inviting you to kick off your weekend (or continue your intoxicated stupor) with him and his frat. He doesn’t mention which frat he’s in, but he’s eager to tell us that they’re celebrating a day of greens with the Emerald Isle’s car bombs and plenty of, well, green to go around. He’s ready to get awfully friendly and says

at the end of the night we can get to know each other in a different way.

The way that requires closed doors and the clothes to be off, i like this way

So basically he wants to have non-consensual sex with a girl who’s plastered and baked twenty times over. Greeeaaat.

The fun is transcultural too. Two “Ragazzi Italiani” are looking for some “multi-bum-bum” before they head back to their country. Their personal ad is rather short and very Borat-esque, but we think we get the point:

We look for ‘un orgia’ wit other sexy woman or preferibly more, together!

We’re glad to see the word for love is the same in all languages.

Come to think of it, though, none of these bachelors are whetting our sexual appetites. We’re a little scared of these guys (and you can forget about being turned on). Take the Beast for example. He wants “the damsel in distress [for him] to dominate from start to finish.” Forget the rescue, girlfriend–this ain’t no knight in shining armor. He’ll be a warrior, but only against his woman. He wants to use his “strength and ravish her every desire.”

We’ll pass. We’d rather watch “Beauty and the Beast” than act it out, XXX style. Disney is so much better with the ganja anyway.

Casual Encounters [Craigslist Personals]
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