texting!In our desire to avoid midterm preparation at all costs, the Clog decided to waste some time wandering around on the internet — what else is new? After tiring of Hulu and losing to our computer in endless matches of Hearts, we turned to a true classic, albeit an oft-forgotten one, as of late: Texts From Last Night.

Sure, TFLN-browsing is a kind of embarrassing habit to announce to the online world, but hey, we’re willing to bet that you do it, too. So take the judgment that you were so totally directing at us, and focus it upon these people.

Berkeley makes up a pretty sizable portion of the 510 area code, so who knows: This could be your neighbor. (Or you.) read more »


We couldn’t resist mooching off SFist’s texts from last night idea. Also, we knew that there must be some foolish shenanigans happening in the 510. At least some of the Berkeley students switch over to the East Bay area code, right? Plus, there’s always Oakland.

Below, the best of the (paltry) 510 sampling. Come on, represent! We want to laugh at our neighbors on the Internet. We’re pretty sure the dumpster diving and dreads-related texts are from Berkeley, BTdubs.

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