Come July 1, rent for legendary “straight edge” East Bay venue 924 Gilman will be scaled up almost three grand. That’s an extra 31 grand a year. Well shoot, landlord. That’s not very punk of you.

Gilman is offering merch for kindhearted philanthropists willing to throw down $25 dollars or more for the cause. If there are any old Billie Joe Armstrong cassettes rattling in your sock drawer, it’s safe to say you owe these guys a buck or two. Help them make ends meet.

Image Source: wikimedia under Creative Commons
924 Gilman’s Future in Jeopardy? [East Bay Express]


Leave it to the 924 Gilman Street Project to draw a crowd for five grizzled pioneers of the LA punk movement, who together comprise “True Sounds of Liberty.” And by grizzled, we mean grizzled. As in, “President Reagan can shove it!” grizzled. As in, these gentlemen were composing anarchy anthems years before most of us could pronounce “trickle down” without a speech impediment, let alone have enough hair to sport a proper mohawk.

Turns out the same braces-clad gutterpunks who read more »