Risky AIR

Walking by Sather Gate Monday afternoon, we happened to spot a rather eye-catching group of risqué-dressed singers. On closer examination we discovered they were none other than our coed a capella group Artists in Resonance, otherwise known as AIR. In the spirit of Halloween, they decided to make their themed Sproul performance one of Risky Business. After all, who doesn’t love Tom Cruise singing in his underwear? Take a whole set of singers in broad daylight and it becomes even better.


Luckily for these copy-cats it was a sunny day; otherwise the white dress shirts and shorts wouldn’t have been all that fun to dance around in. Sunglasses looked better with their ensembles that way too. A few of the girls had jeans on instead of shorts, but the majority of AIR went all out in their imitation.

Would you have the guts to sing in front of everyone on Sproul in your underwear? We’re not sure we would, so props to this group for pulling it off.

Image source: Erum Khan, The Daily Californian

UC Men's OctetSproul has fallen into its rhythm, which includes — you guessed it — our beloved a capella groups. If you haven’t already, we’re sure you’ll fall in love with the campus fad no matter which performance you manage to catch in front of Sather Gate. The semester is showcasing a host of new talent, now that groups have selected their newbies, but it’s also shaking up what we’ve gotten used to over the years

UC Men’s Octet, just eight of the campus’ singing celebrities, is comprised almost entirely of new members this year. This fresh ensemble promises to delight just as much as the old, practicing ten hours a week to learn the group’s old songs as well as new ones. They even have to put extra effort into presentation. After all, those snazzy suits we see them in during large concerts don’t grow on trees. With that much work, they’re sure to find their unique sound sooner rather than later. They’ll be jumping on each other and making obscene jokes before we know it, if they haven’t started already.

If you miss some of your favorite Octets, watch out for them in neighboring groups! Jeff Nathan has transferred from the Octet into the coed cape-wearing group Decadence, and Patrick Wong has joined the coed group Artists in Resonance. Each wanted to expand their a capella experience here at Cal, moving from an all-guys group to slightly different dynamics.

If we’ve managed to bring you out of the a capella-loving closet but you have no idea where to listen in on their free concerts, we have the answers! You can plan out a week-long extravaganza.

Artists in Resonance: Mondays at 12:00 p.m.

Decadence: Wednesdays at 12:00 p.m.

UC Men’s Octet: Wednesdays at 1:00 p.m.

Drawn to Scale: Fridays at 12:00 p.m.

California Golden Overtones: Fridays at 1:00 p.m.

Noteworthy: Fridays at 2:00 p.m.

As these artists say every performance, go Bears!

Image source: Erum Khan, Daily Cal


While walking through Sproul we were lucky enough to pass this gem.

We halted, taken aback by a group of adorable men wearing matching shirts that said “All the King’s Men.” we stayed for a little while, wondering if they were some sort of British themed group at Cal that we hadn’t heard of. We enjoyed their fresh arrangements and quirky moves, especially their medley of songs featuring California. During the medley’s segment of “California Girls” a handsome singer actually pulled up an audience member! Lucky.photo-2

Upon further research, we discovered that the group hails from King’s College in LONDON. That’s right. A group of delightful British boys are blessing our campus. Why are they here? read more »

OK, so it’s sort of a long story, but we were talking to a friend earlier this evening and we sort of got on the topic of bunnies. (Like we said, long story. Don’t ask.) Anyway, said friend kindly directed our attention to the following video(s):

Yes, they are singing about trading in their souls for a pair of bunny ears and a cotton tail.

Upon further investigation of the matter, we discovered not only that this completely ridiculous–nay, ridiculously awesome–ditty was penned by two Noteworthy members back in 2003, but also that Noteworthy will actually be performing tomorrow evening at 8 p.m. in 10 Evans Hall!

For just $3 (students), you can see them perform with two other Berkeley a capella groups, DeCadence and the California Golden Overtones. Incidentally, Noteworthy’s manager is named “Joey Goodknight.” Yeah. Pretty much, we’re thinking about going just so we can cheer that name repeatedly, and maybe make some unwarranted puns.

Noteworthy-Fluffy Bunny [YouTube]

Campanile!Last night at midnight, the California Golden Overtones and the UC Men’s Octet performed for a rapt (and tipsy?) audience in the shadow of none other than la Campanile at an apparently annual event, Rock the Clock.

Part mini-pep rally, part frat party, part a Capella concert, and part ritualistic sacrifice (just kidding, but someone did bring their dog) each group started with a Cal spirit song, while the audience sang along and raised their (proverbial) glasses to our esteemed institution. Then the two groups alternated performing their favorite songs, along with the requisite, um, we’ll call them “interpretive dances.” read more »