We here at the Clog would like to wish everyone out there a happy Labor Day. Whether you’re a student, professor, construction worker, cop, or cowboy, we want you to know that we appreciate your labor.

We are Cal students, after all. What would we be if we weren’t firmly on the side of the workers (especially in these troubling economic times)? Marx would roll over in his grave. And it’s only fair to appreciate all kinds of labor, from academic (yes, that binder will weigh twice your poundage at the end of the semester) to manual.

Without further ado, then, we propose this: read more »

Academically Elitist KangarooMaybe you should try your luck at professorial life down undah! According to a study from Melbourne University, by the time you graduate and go to grad school, about a quarter of Australia’s “senior academics” will retire … leaving spots open for you!

So quit yer whining about how you’re going to toil for untold years getting advanced degrees only to enter into an academic job market that is barren for a young upstart like yourself.

You can always travel the path less trodden, to the largest island in the world. Where the toilets all flush backwards, kangaroos stop to say “G’Day!” and where the economy is flourishing! Roight, guys?! Roight! Incidentally, did you know that Aussies and Brits call scientists “boffins?” Well, thanks to the above linked article by Australia’s ABC News (and the Clog), now you do.

Image Source: alumroot under Creative Commons
Australia facing academic exodus: study [ABC News], via The Ticker